Rye Bank Holiday Monday

rideout to Rye for fish and chips and Camber Sands twisties :smiley:
for those of you not on FB, here it is.
this ride is subject to weather, if it rains I aint going.

departs from Ace at 9, pick up en route for the east londoners tba I intend to take the A22 down so let me know if I need to stop somewhere.

At the moment The Met Office is forecasting a wet start to a bright day

I’ll make the final call on monday morning when i wake up :smiley:

Cool. I could be up for this.

What’s the eta on arrival and home. I have to work at 4

My bike is going in for a service today, they said it will be ready tonight so if it is then i am in 100% as i’m at Silverstone all weekend and if i can’t collect it tonight then i won’t be able to get it bck till Tuesday.

Nick I should think so. Sam, no comment :smiley:

:slight_smile: i’m taking it there at 9 so there is no reason it won’t be ready by Lunch time

Just got the Text, Bike is ready for Collection :slight_smile:

thanks Sam. now we just hope the rain goes the other side :smiley:

Would love to but im puppy sitting currently until Monday evening :pensive: at this rate I’m gonna need a side car for him if I ever want to go on another ride out again!

Bike is now back in my Garage, so providing the weather Holds out i’m ther :slight_smile:

i might be instrested although depends on a few things at the moment :):frowning:

Tomorrow looks much better than Monday. But still the best day for that is Tuesday. :stuck_out_tongue:


If you want we can all pull a sickie for Tuesday. Traffics’ gonna be a bitch though :smiley:

NO!, can’t do. It’s against the rules to lie to your employer, against my believes and morally unacceptable!


Done it too many times they don’t believe you anymore eh? :smiley:



See you next Tuesday blade :smiley:

is it sunday or monday. lol or tuesday