RVF400 - anyone interested

I’m not sure where to post this, but Honda RVF 400 being offered for sale (£1950) on another site.

I’m sure someone was after a 400/600 bike in this site recently

Check this link out - may need to be guest or log in to view.


Apologies to LB staffers if put in wrong place/ not cool to post this.

GingerPixie was asking about 400’s the other week…

And yeah you need to be logged in to Mcnninja’s to read that ad… and apparently due to LB “rulezzz” you aint allowed to advertise it if you don’t own it…

You mean there are other forums?

Yeah they magically appeared after Cezar disappeared

Don’t believe I’m advertising anything - I’m just putting up a link to another forum, that happens to have an RVF 400 for sale, as someone on this forum was expressing an interest in buying a 400cc bike. Trying to do someone a favour, not sell/advertise/promote anything.

Got me a Bandit now - thanks though

I know that matey… I had an ad of mine pulled recently so was just sharing some of the LB love lol