RVF 400 forsale

a mate has got a RVF 400 for sale on a P for £2400
its just had a full service inc breaks etc new tyres GFORCE end can etc a nice little bike if anybodys interested PM me




That was my dream bike when I was starting out on bikes. Absolutely beautiful! Sound great as well.

Damn, I’d love this to do track days on

Just can’t justify it to my accountant at the moment

You and me both LMRR!

oooh, now that’s a cracking little bike. swap you for the firestorm!!

Seriously interested in this, just need to raise some finance. Anyone want an Isuzu Trooper LWB 7 seater so I can raise the funding?

i heard ken livingstone was after one

how many miles on the clock

Have you got some mure pics of the bike the you could email to me? [email protected]

Errr, he might still have it (the original post is over 2 years old mate!)