Rutter not riding next in BSB09

Not entirely unexpected this, but there’s a strong rumour that Blade won’t be riding the NW200 1098 in BSB next year although he is expected to take part in the roadraces and ‘specials’ through the season.

Management is where he seems bound so might still be around the paddock, but this means his seat is up for grabs and my money is on LB friend Brendan Roberts returning from the world stage after the Xerox Ducati WSB ride didn’t happen.

Be great to see Bren back, and on a top ride too so perhaps it’s a case of

“the king is dead, long live the king”

gotta love the silly season :wink:

As you say, not really unexpected.

Michael’s had a long career in BSB and has always been one of my favourites. Always the “Nearly Man” but always entertaining , especially in the wet, and a nice bloke to boot.

I hope Blade continues to campaign the NW200 and Macau GP where he’s had many wins in the past.

Good Luck MR:cool:

That’s a shame I really like him…

Not the first place I’ve heard this rumour.

Great news for Roberts - Rutter is a bit long in the tooth.

Never really got the luck in BSB, so many good rides, and so many nearlys, but always seemed to run out of steam/ injuries got in the way/ etc

Rutter is a talented rider, but best giving seat up to a younger rider

Well - updates to this story:

Brendan Roberts is going to be on a Ducati in WSB (team that ran Smrz last yr) and Rutter has turned down the management role offered at NW200 Buildbase team.

Seems a likely candidate is young John Laverty who ran the team’s Superbike Cup 1098 to winning success last year. Let’s hope John gets a chance to mix it with the big boys.

Rutter is apparently thinking about running his own team? Hmmm time will tell.