Ruth aka Slan


I thought of Marma-Sam too. I don’t have any contact details for him, but rightly or wrongly I assumed that he’d probably know anyway as he was a friend of Ruth and her sister(s).

Very sad, I passed the spot yesterday, it’s not far from me RIP

Very sad news. When l rode with her she was always bubbly and full of beans and l loved her accent. She will be missed. RIP Ruth

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Have been informed that Her funeral is being held back home where she was from, at Stockton On Tees Crematorium, on the 13th of August at 3pm.
I Believe her Sister is planning to lead a Ride there but have no further information regarding this


Thank you @TimR. I would like to attend the ride. Does anyone have contact details for her sister please?

Met her a few times. Terrible news. RIP !

Heads-up all. I’ve spoken to Slan’s sister, Sarah and there is a funeral escort ride organised. Details below.

(5) Ruthless Farewell Escort | Facebook

If anyone from LB would like to attend and give her a nice biker send-off, post up here as well as considering the distance, it might be better if we head up together.

Pencilled in my planner

At 500+ miles it will be too much for the average soft southerner. The only details given are that it will be on the afternoon of August 13th in Stockton-on-Tees.

Terrible to hear. RIP…

Always sad news to hear losing someone, thoughts go out to her family.

Stunned by the news…
I haven’t attended many LB meets for some years - I remember a meet about 10 years ago at the Ace and talking to a woman about 25 years old who had just bought a Triumph Street Triple which she’d customised with two broad yellow stripes with black pinstripes over the grey paintwork - it looked fantastic and classy - I have a feeling that was Slan who later went on to buy a Daytona 675…
Can anyone confirm that was her earlier bike?

Could have been Hels?

Pretty sure Ruth didn’t pass her Category A Licence until 2014 and her first Triumph was all white. Here she is

pause it at 3:21 or you’ll miss her


If my fuzzy memory is correct, she went straight from a 125 to a Triumph gen2 675R. The “Maytona”!. Then another gen2 675R. Her last bike was a Triumph gen3 675 which was customised with silver holo bodywork.

I think that’s the ‘Harrison’ Honda CBR125 at 3:19 passed from Sophie to Ruth to Sarah. I remember the Maytona but can’t remember why the D became an M??

Its come to me, Maytona because the one previous owner was James May (I’m allowed senior moments now I’m a pensioner)

Ah my bad memory - It could have been Hels, long time ago now

A bit of a long time coming but have just been passed this article by the lovely Janey …


Tragic. I didn’t know the circs.

Were the other riders on this forum?