Rusty car door

Some rust has appeared on the bottom corner of our cars door. This is something I could try and tackle myself and from online guides it looks straightforward enough, but wondering if anyone has any advice or recommendations first.

Make sure the water drain holes on the bottom of the doors are not blocked otherwise it will reoccur.

Use a good rust converter and red oxide primer.

Generally paint and corrosion warranties are far longer than mechanical warranty is it still covered?

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Very much doubt its still under warranty as it’s a 2006 ford

Had a look on Ford’s website, they list everything still covered by their anti-perforation warranty (which is 12 years).

I had a watch of an Edd China video and his preferred treatment was Hammerite Rust converter.


Yeah but try claiming on that. The small print probably says annual Ford dealer inspection paperwork required.

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look for your car’s colour code (slam panel/inside pasenger door close area usually) then head on ebay and look for a complete door the same colour (complete with window and motor in it, not necessarily door card). £50-80 or so and buy that

The only way to fix rust and it not come back is to cut it out and weld in a new section and the easiest way around that is to buy a new door. You will see a very faint colour difference between the “new” to you door and the rest of your car when sparkly clean and dry on a sunny day. A paint shop can blend the paint for up to a couple hundred pounds but most people wouldn’t bother


after 15 years your car colour would have faded i wouldn’t bother with the paint code on the car

check & see if the water drains at the bottom of the door aren’t blocked, if they are an old wire coat hanger will do the trick for you

depending on how bad bad the rust is & how long you expect to keep the car it might be just a case of leaving it , let it rust away its not an MOT failure unless it has Sharpe edges

thanks guys… getting a new door might be hard and costly.

will also look at the draining tip :+1:

Take a look on ebay, a door should be £50-£80 and the paint code will match just fine - you’re not after a brand new door but one from a breakers. I have a very rare paint code on my car that changes colour dependent on the light and the angle you are looking at it and breaker doors match and that’s a 17 year old car. Everyone I know that’s had the same problem has gone for the same solution. If you treat it, it will bubble and return in 6 months

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