bought a new v-strom last year and it’s already starting to show signs of rust which worries me. Can see rust starting to appear on the under carriage of the bike, the chain and the centre stand. I know Suzukis are know for not having the best build quality but I wouldn’t expect to see signs of rust after just 3000 miles. Bike is garaged overnight but have to admit I’m not the best at drying it off after riding in the rain. Any advice on any products I could use to rust prrof my bike?? .

I use ACF-50 on the R1. You can spray it on any part of the bike and it leaves a shiny water resistant sheen and can actually work on removing rust.

Just don’t spray it on your seat eh

I got mine from M&P

I also use acf-50 on all the metal bits after it’s been washed. Since fridayman told me about it, I also use it on other bits of the bike to give it a nice sheen, such as the frame, chain guard, engine casings etc. Come to think of it, pretty much every thing except the fairings

Scottoiler also do a version of an anti corrosion spray.

I ride a vstrom also thats about 18 months old with 11k miles on which is washed every week and garaged everynight. I use FS365 spray which has done a pretty good job of keeping major rust at bay. Perhaps try getting one of those fenda extenders to help keep crap off your engine aswell?

My bikes fastners have corroded to a point and my chain adjuster caps are starting to bubble but i didnt expect my bike to stay mint since its used everyday.

You can spray it on fairings too.

Thanks people. Ordered some acf-50 so hopefully that will help.

ACF 50 rules, its pink and smelly thought… ermm and sticky.

Wipe it rather than spray it on to things like the frame and swing arm bla bla.

its goes a long way some dont over do it