Rust Removal
That is really cool

Won’t download on iPhone…

Works on my Samsung.

It’s the rust removing later gun that was doing the rounds a while ago. Costs a couple of thousand quid to rent one and needs a 415v power line

I’ve got 415V at work…:wink:

…And a couple of grand under the matress?

Another one




Best keep that away from my bike! :fearful:

One of those things that you don’t really need, but you would like to have… it seems like a relaxing activity

Like the iPad… :stuck_out_tongue:

What would be left of the riot

....And a couple of grand under the matress? Pat
£35k to buy a wee one. If 70 of us chipped in..we'd be really shiny.

You say “We’d be really shiny”. Are you calling me rusty?

You and I, Von, are Fellows of Rust

I don’t think us 5sl’s have got anything that rusts. The chain I guess. And some of the bolts corrode some.

Oh and the bar ends and tank…