Rust on chain

was cleaning and lubing my chain when i noticed some rust on it, anyone got any ideas of the best way to get rid of this before it gets any worse, how often do you all clean n lube ur chains???

It’s probably only slight surface rust on the outer plates Curtis. It’s nothing serious as the working parts of the chain have the grease sealed inside with O rings.

Best thing to do is give the chain a thorough decreasing to get all the old muck off.- this is and will always be a point of debate in which is the best way to clean it, some say WD40, some say paraffin but i prefer petrol.

Once it’s squeaky clean, dry it with a rag. If it’s just surface rust, this can be removed with a fine wire brush. Remember to wipe the chain after to remove any rusty dust.

You can then lube your shiny chain with chain lube or wax or whatever you prefer.

Hope this helps, good luck:)

As said above…

Give it a good clean. I use parrafin, but have used WD40 in the past. What ever you use to clean the chain, don’t leave it on for too long, the integrity of the seals could be affected. Use an old paint brush to agitate the parrafin, not forgetting to do both sides of the chain, the rollers and the rear sprocket (do the front one too, if you’ve got access to it).

Once I’ve degreased the chain, I spray it with a detergent cleaner and wash the rest of the bike. Hose all the cleaning fluid off with a hose and dry thoroughly.

I use Castrol Chain Wax on mine. It gives good protection (ie - I don’t get rust spots appear after a while), it stops road crap sticking to it and doesn’t fling everywhere.

DO NOT do any of the above with the bike running and in gear on the center stand. A fella I know did and has four and a half fingers on one hand now.

I usually clean and re-grease every couple of weeks during the winter, or when it looks like it could do with being done.

cheers guys, yea its only surface rust, im using dry lube so you cant actually tell when it needs doin by lookin but i usually do it every other week

Check out my sticky in the maintenance section. I use steel wool to remove rust.