Running Problems..

Hey All

I have a problem with my SV1000, earlier today it wouldnt idle properly and kept backfiring and the revs rise and fall while idleing, i changed both spark plugs and its got better but now theres a lack of power/pull when pulling off in first gear…at 5k revs it ‘surges’ liek a powerband has kicked in…in 2nd and 3rd its fine no problems.

any ideas guys and girls?

unhappy ratty:(

odd… hopefully some one knowledgable of vtwins (chunky) will come along soon :wink:

check connections to coil.
and check leads/caps.

Have you recently run empty/very low? Had a similar problem a few years ago running empty that pulled a lot of cr*p from the bottom of the tank sludging up the carbs.

lil while ago i did yeh but that was ages ago now, plus my SV is feul injected.

check fuelpump filter suzukis r renowned for dirty filters in fuel pump was a write up in mcn not that long ago

cheers peeps,

a fella on the SV1000 forum had exactly the same problem, his was the rear cylinder spark cap!

spot on john!!

changed the front coil and she runs fine again!! happy happy days!!!:D:D:D:D:D