running in.

hello there, what is is, is that my 1st service was due to on my GS500F - at the 600 miles interval. due to unforseen circumstance’s earlier today, i missed it and now have re-booked for the 29th. i have use of a car, but like to use the bike to commute and stuff. right now the mileage is at 577 & i would just like to know that should i leave it in my garage till the service because it’s certainly going to go over it’s 600 mile’s-by the time i bring it into suzuki. at least by 100 miles or so.

i’m a little concerned that it may affect it’s service history, warranty, & the bike might have problem’s going over it’s 600 miles service.

thanks everyone !.

Ride it & stop being such a girl lol. No it wont matter that much.

It doesn’t matter at all fella, it makes no odds. The engine would ride for thousands of miles without a service, nevermind a couple of hundred more. Nobody will blink an eye when looking at the service-history anyhow, most people don’t even look at it, just the stamps.

cool!, thank you for the replies. i’ve stopped being such a girl now snap (lol) - & will carry on riding the bike.


Nice one. Hows the search going for the end can?

cheer’s snap, well i have looked in the latest motrax catalougue, and i’ve seen my model of bike in there for a road-legal can(laser exhaust). as yet, motrax are yet to confirm a release date for it, but i have been told it will be the first quarter of 2006 and cheaper than the rest.. still checking ebay here and there.

Haha found two:

Scorpion do one but you need to phone them to find out if the 03-04 one fits the 05 model. Also remus do a full system (much better) for £390 (dont quote me on that.

(scroll down to suzuki)

Call scoprion: 01933 350410

& Call remus: 01822 613200

Let us know how you get along.

cool!,…thank you snap-thank’s for your help. i’ll be giving them a bell later on this morning. i wish i knew what motrax’s price was on their new release - i guess it would be cheaper.

will keep you posted.

thank you again.

No probs fella. Try and contact laser directly or other laser distributors as motrax are distributors of laser exhausts.

i have spoken to scorpion this morning, and i was told an end-can for the GS500F is in production to be here somewhere in early 2006-like what motrax said too. the 03-04 can has not been made to fit the 2005 model’s. so i guess i’ll wait on.

thanks again.

Sorry to hear. Have you tried remus? If you dont wanna wait that long im sure we can fabricate something. You can get a link pipe made which can pretty much take any can.