Running for chariteeee

Hi all

Anyone who is on my Facebook/Twitter, would have seen random postings saying ‘Darren has been out cycling…’ etc, well i been in training! I have my entry to the Marathon confirmed, i will be running on behalf of the Outward Bound Trust, Donations and sponsorship can be made online HERE: you can follow my training on Twitter @darrencurzon or on Facebook. plan for the final day: i’m planning on having satnav tracking to follow me live as i run, and provide a live map so everyone sitting at home can see my progress on a map! Not only will you be able to see where i am, but you will also be able to type words of encouragement and/or abuse to me, which will come to me thru headphones. anyone know how to hugely extend the battery life on an iphone? gps and 3g will be running… Anyways, i need to raise dosh. My feet are going to be doing the work (anyone seen my feet? they’re not great!) but i need YOUR help to raise the £££’s! By sponsoring through the Virgin Giving site, gift aid is also reclaimed (doesnt cost you a penny) which means that a tenner donated by you, becomes £12.82 that the Outward Bound actually receive! Thankyou all for reading and maybe i’ll see some of you out there


trainings been pretty **** recently, managed to clock up ome cycling mileage last week, but thats it.

not sure what iv done, but headaches, hallucinations and some nerve pain in my ankle hasnt helped at all.

only 196 days to go…

Good luck, this might help with the battery life:

Or this for a mental amount of charge:

cheers, will look into them

things not been so great. did a 5km run last week, timed, went ok. not quick, but quicker than i expected.

did the same run today, and i was slower, had a stitch throughout, and my knee is shot. :frowning:

i’ve entered the Mo-Running 10km next month for the experience of running in a crowd. My Mo is refusing to grow. And i’m doubting my ability to even complete the 10km, let alone the 26.2 miles.

Sponsorship is way below target and to be honest, im feeling very down about the whole thing. I’m working my tits off but seem to be going backwards. I even had my feet and gait professionally checked and had to get shoes specifically for me - which have improved things immensely (comfort, blisters). Cycling 75 miles a week, running 2-3 times a week.

Still… will soldier on. i must remember that i’m nearly 40, not in my late teens anymore.

I could be of help with the knee problems, it may be (probably is) something to do with the hips or even further up the body that’s causing the knee to hurt due to improper biomechanics…if you want more information have a looksee here: (guys I am qualified through)

This is to do with your knee problem…Seeing as its the marathon your planning on running i would asume you have been to a proper running shop and had them check how you run and got the correct trainers but you know what they say about asumptions so here goes…There is 3 different ways in which people run(running gait)… You have pronate(your foot tilts so you hit the floor with the inside of your foot first) You have supernate(the outside of your foot hits the deck first) And finaly neutral(you plant your foot flat)Your knee pain could be caused by over pronation or supination. Neutral runners pronate and supinate at the rite times as there foot comes into contact with the ground.Your are best of going to somewhere that will check your gait for you by putting you on a running machine, they should also check your foot profile aswell and see if your arches colapse.A simple way of checking your gait is to look at a pair of shoes/trainers you’ve had for a while. When you look at the sole, mainly at the heel, you will see which side is worn more if any and this will give you an idea of your gait. But like i say for the amount of running you are doing you should get profesional advice and buy the correct trainers. Also on average you should get new running trainers every 6 months but with the amount of training you should be doing for the marathon your looking at less than that, maybe even every 3 months.Im a physical training instructor, hence the reason i know these things ;):hehe:

ASBO - yep, had the gait and foot measured on running machine, and purchased trainers as advised. This made an immediate improvement, more immediately noticed where blisters are concerned (was getting blisters within 2 miles with previous trainers… not had one since changing)

Alex - Had a read through. Have a few theories of my own that you may or may not agree with?? after a m/cycle accident 20 years ago (i was doing lots of running for big distances before then), i had a lot of work done on my right leg. Broken femur. Right calf damaged and has never worked right since. Right leg is slightly shorter - not enough to visibly notice when im walking but has been measured. I think that various tendons and ligaments are working harder in my right leg to compensate for the non working calf?

Ouch… Get a fatter sole on the short leg or chop abit off your long leg :w00t::hehe:Good luck with the training and the marathon by the way

That could definitely be a good reason, I would suspect if right leg shorter left knee would hurt in most cases.

I am always wary of ‘one leg longer than the other’ diagnoses, as there are so many ways to measure with differing amounts of accuracy. Also, everyone I had ever met (possible slight exaggeration) that has been to a Chiropractor has been told they have one leg longer than the other and that was the cause of their problems. I had one girl who had seen physios, osteopaths, chiropractors etc and they had all told her she had one leg longer than the other which was causing her hip pain - I ‘fixed’ ***** it in 5 minutes by using some simple exercises on the opposite shoulder.

The truth is, the hips are designed to move and this causes variations in the leg lengths. Simply measuring the leg length without comprehensive testing of the hip motion (and indeed the rest of the body) is like looking through a keyhole and trying to work out what the room looks like!

Here is an example of how much the legs can change length (these pics are about 30 seconds apart and the client did not actively move between pics)

In short, I can only guess if you have a true leg length discrepancy and if you do we would refer for ‘functional orthoses’ to insert into the shoe to level things out, however in most cases there is some issue further up the chain that is causing the legs to appear different lengths and it may take some weeks to see the full story.

***** the change of leg length was immediate but not permanent - in order to create a lasting change movement and pain patterns would need to be reset by regular performance of simple exercises or stretches.

interesting. I had to go to a private harley st clinic for full injury report for insurance purposes, i have the document at home somewhere, its pretty thorough, but i guess these things can easily be written to the better or worse depending on which side of the court youre standing.

i also forgot to mention a large amount of pain in the right ankle, seems to be tendon pain rather than anything else, down the front (ankle? not sure how that bit would be described) of the joint. and, if i’m stationary (standing, laying, sitting whatever), the right leg is much more rotated clockwise than the left.

If it helps, i weigh 83kg’s and can comfortable A2G squat 105kg with good form and no issues.

Yep, and depends on the tests used - it’s easy to overlook the hips or even the shoulders when someone is a fairly simple (on the surface) lower leg injury. If they were simply confirming a diagnosis of an injury to the leg there is no reason to look for anything else. Also, many of these issues develop over time as compensation patterns due to old injuries and are imperceptable if you’re not looking for them initially.

Sounds like front of the talus bone?

Lots of people have pain here, and it’s often to do with…

…the hip being rotated, causing the foot to compensate and putting it in a bad position to flex. This would lead to pain on the push off or landing phase of running amongst other positions.

No immediate issues anyway :wink: …no, it’s not normally a good correlation, firstly there’s normally something ‘wrong’ with even a good squat if you look closely and secondly it’s a highly stable, slow movement which gives you time to tense/adjust to compensate, unlike suddenly hitting the ground with 3x bodyweight force going through one foot/leg when running.