Run to the Beat Half Marathon

Just noticed a link on my FB page saying that LAA have spaces on this half marathon if anyone is interested…its on Sept 25th
We did a great job in 2009 but as LAA were not properly involved we had to get out own Tshirts etc sorted and pay our entrance fees. This would be a lot easier if anyone is keen.
I am considering it even though I am not sure my knee would really appreciate it…only just started running in the last month (having fecked my knee a week after the last half marathon and needing a wee bit of surgery on it last year)
I am happy to coordinate things if anyone is interested and may even just try upping my running to see what happens to my knee :w00t:


Retard question, but how long is the half marathon, 12/13 miles?

Think 13 miles.

13.1 miles is half marathon

I’m definitely up for that - haven’t done a marathon or half-marathon in a couple of years. My ankle is busted at the moment (I twisted it a few weeks ago), but should be fine by then :slight_smile:

I’m doing a 10 K in the summer for the Afghanistan Libraries Program for disadvantaged kids / girls with no books at all at their schools. But not really started fundraising for that yetHOWEVER - since I always find running after work quite boring - if anyone else lives nearby and fancies running / training also then let me know. If I survive the 10 K without being carted over the finishing line on a stretcher then could be up for the half marathon with you folks:)

begins in ** F ** and ends in OFF !!!:w00t:


You could always do the run on your bike and offer to be the tailgunner:D

Even if you have trainers on this time?!?!??! :wink:

Got a lot of things on at the moment so will let this post sit for another week or so to get an idea of interest before contacting LAA
Hope your ankle gets better soon

once is enough for me Doc…;)…:P…

I take it you don’t fancy tabbing it with me then Smiled? :rolleyes:

I’ll prob be up for this again, haven’t ran since, been to busy with college but that will be finished by jun so plenty of time to train

Just need to check my diary. :smiley:

I’ve promised my body that I won’t be doing any running this year, doing the London to Brighton cycle again but def no running, will obviously be there to support you all :slight_smile:

I could well be up for this, gradually increasing my running distance and I’ve never done a half marathon before so could be tempted into giving it a go.

Would like to think if I keep up my run/BMF/run routine I’ll be in good shape by Sept. :slight_smile:

I’ve started getting a pain in my hip flexors on the same side as my knee op…doesnt hurt when I run though so will see how it goes with stretching.
You will be fine.
Plus I might just be there collecting evidence for my research paper (if I get approval) so I can cheer you on.

Is there a cut off point for when we have to register for this, either with the organisers or with the LAA?

Okay so I have been in touch with LAA
Charity places cost £30 but individuals need to raise £300 due to the cost to LAA of charity places.
The better option is to pay for the place yourself and LAA will post out fundraising packs to everyone running for them through LB.
Places will fill up quickly so if you are keen to run please book a place now .

Once places are confirmed we can sort out the fundraising packs later (running vests included)


bump :slight_smile: