Rule Change: Commercial Postings

The rule on what is and isn’t acceptable as far as postings of a commercial nature by representatives of a commercial organisation wasn’t that clear before, so we’ve made a change which we think makes it black and white what our stance is and is in-line with the majority of other communities that have an opinion on the matter.

The forum rules page is now linked in the footer of the site. Here’s a direct link for now:

Why are we doing this?

Our current site sponsors pay money to support us and to benefit from the marketing power that a great site and community like LB offers them. It isn’t fair to them if other business’ are able to come on and reap the same marketing benefits without paying for it and supporting us. So we need to make it clear that if you’re not a Site Sponsor, then you can’t talk shop or market your business.

Currently, it costs £20 per month to be a Site Supporter on its own, which allows you to carry a graphical signature with your business’ branding in it and a link to your website. This option is given for free to companies who also take out traditional graphical adverts with us as well. This £20 is exceptionally good value for money considering the benefit it brings business’.

What do we count as post of a commercial nature?

Any post that discuss the business, products or services related to the posters association with a commercial organisation. This means advertising, solicitation, recommendations, links, photos and the like. This doesn’t mean that someone representing a business cannot come on and contribute to the community forums as an individual. It merely prohibits any posting which has a direct or indirect commercial value to their associated organisation.

What’s the benefit of being a Site Sponsor?

Being a Site Sponsor means just that, you’re supporting LB, to help it pay its bills, to grow and to do new things. There’s also a very clear commercial value to becoming a Site Sponsor, one that our advertising people are only too happy to discuss with you. Visit our advertising page below for more information. Becoming a Site Sponsor also has the benefit of us endorsing your business. We don’t allow a company to become a Site Sponsor unless we think they are worthy of our community’s trust.

What’s the big deal?

Astute business people will know that there a huge advantage and benefit or be had by merely being seen to have a connection with a commercial organisation on LB, to show-case their products or services to to advertise them directly. In any other venue or publication where there’s an audience like at LB, the business would have to pay good money to benefit from it. LB is no different (except that we’re exceptionally good value for money compared to other marketing channels such as magazines).

Sorry for the boring nature of this post, but it has to be made absolutely clear, because as we grow, more and more people are trying to get something, for nothing out of us. It also means that we acknowledge the company and won’t associate ourselves with a company which we deem unfit for our community.

Business’, please see our advertising info page for more information on our marketing solutions.