Rukka - worth it ?

I need a waterproof jacket and spent yesterday trying on 139 different jackets, or it felt that bad anyway :angry: The only conclusion I came to was that almost none of them are designed for sports bike riders. If you ride a bike with high bars then you’ll be fine. On a sports bike they crumpletoo much at the front and also push the helmet up at the back.

Rukka is very expensive, is it worth it ? Is it really that much better than anything else ? The armour in them feels pants compared to most others but they are a bit thinner than most and seem reasonably comfortable.

The Helvarssons safety jacket looks good too - anybody got one ?

Or perhaps somebody can recommend a good reasonably priced waterproof jacket that works on a sportsbike, is warm enough to use on the motorway in near freezing conditions and doesn’t feel like a duvet rolled around you ?

We did the same thing yesterday going round loads of shops looking at jackets, in the end Mark bought the Rukka Armadillo one, it seems to be very popular as every time I’m in Infinity someone seems to be buying something from the Rukka range.

To save repeating myself:

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Yes I love mine and wouldn’t have anything else. Been out and about in some of this **** weather and have remained warm and dry.

Thanks, looks like Rukka it is then, just can’t find anything else that’s comfortable. Don’t suppose you know the difference between the Armadillo and the Armax jackets ? Apart from the look and pockets they both seem to have the same material, armour and same goretex bonded shell.

Kev, you said you were warm enough on the motorway with just a polo shirt and the jacket, was it very cold ? I plan wearing a sweatshirt or similar underneath plus a thin thermal layer if necessary, will that be sufficient for a ong motorway journey in Dec ? (OK, piece of string = 18cm :wink: )

The Hein Gericke PSX XCR kit is top kit, costly but looks good and is cut for sports bike use. XCR is the top end Gore tex material



DAINESE do some fantastic Gortex jackets too, ive been looking myself at the Gore-sport, which is a proper sport touring jacket, long enough, the armour seems comftable as are all my dainese jackets. The ddry range are good but Goretex seems the way to go, i have to say Rukka looks fantastic but it is flippin expensive.

interesting this, i went into JS in kingston today and saw a rukka jacket for… wait for it… £799.99… For a jacket? are they mental? I could understand a leather SUIT costing that, but when he told me the pants are another £900 i couldnt help but laugh at him and ask if it comes with a bike too?

it might be good kit, but i struggle to comprehend why you would spend that much on a jacket, even if you lived in it.


Looking at your profile you are up here in Hertfordshire. Plenty of places to have a look at kit.

Bikestop in Stevenage are excellent and stock Rukka and Dainese

Hideout in Royston stock Harlvassons plus others

Hein Gericke in Luton do well, Hein Gericke

The Harlvassons safety kit is meant to be the bees knees and had attained some of the highest scores in accident tesing. But not sure how comfy it would be on a sports bike. I must admit to liking the look of some of the Dainese kit when i was in Bikestop last week.

Good luck

Just a thought, but I’d say that Goretex isn’t necessary. As long as it’s waterproof then that’s your main worry sorted. And “ordinary” waterproof kit is a lot cheaper than goretex.

I have the entry level Rukka Steel jacket and trousers. They are lighter than my previous kit so not quite as warm in the depth of winter but cooler in the summer. I prefer it light as it is generally more comfortable and I can always put on extra underneath on the coldest days.

Unlike my previous kit it actually is waterproof. I find the armour is good becasue it stays in the right places and does not slip down from the knees etc. I have never tested it but the reviews suggest it is very effective.

So I think the high price was worth it - I got a good discount through LB which helped.

I just replaced my Rukka something or other with a Halvarssons safety suit. Rukka’s warranty is excellent and they’ll provide replacements while getting yours fixed. I wore mine everyday pretty much for the last 4 years. In the end it was knackered, leaked in the elbows and the crotch, the zips all broke and the armour broke in several places. I didn’t look after it that well and it never got washed once so that was probably expected wear and tear.

For a review of the Halvarssons have a look here. Firstly the cons I’m finding. It’s very heavy putting it on. It’s not so bad once you’ve got it on but it’s a lot heavier than the Rukka I had. Also, it’s qiute warm as you’ve got that big fluffy saftey suit (the main part of the jacket). It does have an outlast linner which I’m still dubious about despite it having seemingly kept me coolish on a warm day though if you’re stuck in town then it gets quite hot pretty quickly. I can’t quite get my head around the outlast stuff. The final con for me is it’s not particularly shapely or stylish but I’m getting old enough to not worry too much about that (at least until kids start pointing and laughing).

The good bits are I feel bloody safe in it. The armour’s far more substantial than the Rukka without being uncomfortable and the saftey material’s bulkiness is comforting. The saftey jacket itself is the wooly bit and the outers come separately. So, you can get a waterproof one and a mesh one. Suprisingly, with the mesh outer attached and on the move, the wind blows right through the jacket and it’s very pleasant and cool even on warm days… until you get stuck in town. The waterproof outer’s just that and I’ve ridden just lately through torrential rain and stayed completely dry. It’s not goretex and I like that. At one point I’d always buy goretex but, as with the Rukka I always found even though I wasn’t wet, I felt damp, not so with this kit (though my Rukka had a sewn in goretex linner rather that the bonded outer in the very expensive stuff). I’ve also taken the waterproof outers off and used them over my leathers and stayed bone dry in some of the worst weather I’ve been out in on the roads. Also, the outers aren’t all the expensive comparitively so if in 2 or 3 years (2 year warranty) I’m finding the zips are breaking or it’s got holes in I can just buy the cheaper outers. They do the outers, waterproof and mesh, in flourescent yellow too if you’re after that sort of thing. The other thing is, it’s half the price of the top end Rukka stuff.

I ride mainly sit up and beg bikes, a GS and a KTM SM upon which I’m perfectly comfortable all day wearing the Halvarssons. However, I’ve got a ZX7R too that’s nigh on impossible to get on whilst wearing it. They do two levels in the suit mind and I’ve got the bulkier one. There’s a lighter one which is rated for less protection though still something like 9 seconds sliding down the road which may be more comfortable (and cheaper).

I’m thoroughly looking forward to wearing it through the winter.

I bought mine from Graham at GLF Accessories in Bedford who’s very very helpful.

If you are going to buy the Rukka stuff then I’d avoid the UK shops and get it from the likes of Biker Land in Germany where it’s a lot cheaper (though some people have trouble getting shops to handle warranty cases for stuff bought abroad).

Thanks, some really useful info there, thanks for taking the time to write it.

Just had a look at Biker Lands site and they seem to do a very good price on the Halvarssons stuff as well.

Going to check the Rukka prices when I go over to Finland in a few weeks to see what the prices are like over there. Seem to remember they have a factory outlet just outside Helsinki.

Nearly choked on my coffee when I looked the Gerricke prices.

I would like waterproofs for the winter too but it seems im going to wearing four layer under the leathers again with the one piece over the top of all that.

Exhausting having to get in and out of all that three times a day.

nope buy a HG master V suite


Best money I have ever spent on kit…:smiley: