Rukka sizing

Took a little tumble on the A2 this evening. Alpinestars Andes held up exceptionally well to the abrasion but are now toast.

I’ve been pining after Rukka gear for quite some time now, but I’m going to go aim to snatch a good used deal on ebay. Does anyone know what sort of sizing I might expect?

I’m 6’3" wearing a W34L34 trouser normally and a large t-shirt. My Alpinestars gear is sized large jacket medium trousers.

Thanks in advance for your help

I hope you and the bike are okay.

I hope you are ok fella.

Might be worth holding out for the Carole Nash show in February.

I find the Alpinestars UK40/EU50 matches pretty well to Rukka UK40/EU50. I’m 6’1" and 30-32" waist, 32" leg. Got small chest, but can’t go smaller jacket as I need shoulder breadth and arm length of a UK40/EU50 jacket. Even then my Rukka EU50 jacket arms are a spot short, sleeves won’t stay over many gloves.
My Rukka trousers are EU48, regular length, good on waist, but too short really and ride up over boots when on bike. My Alpinestars bat pants are also EU48/Regular, but as they took into boots, the short leg isn’t an issue. I bet you’d be looking at around an EU50/Long.

I can help on waste size on the trousers at least.
As I recently bought a new pair of rukka trousers and I’m a 34 waste.

If you want to put trousers on under them you want a 52 although, yesterday I had thermals on, work trousers, the rukka linings in.

Was a little snug with all that on but not uncomfortable.

Thanks all, will keep my eyes on the ebay listings

Bought some used Hein Gericke to tide me over as even at used couldn’t justify the Rukka this month anyway while I price up damage to bike.

For a ~60mph spill we both did surprisingly well. I’m just bruised but the bike’s engine bars are knackered (but did their job), exhaust is a bit ropey looking (termi pair came with her so looking a bit dear to repair. Rivet band has torn off so I’m just going to replace that and make do with a slightly flattened off can), fairing rashed up and ground flat but started on that one already

So if anyone sees someone riding round on a TDM with body filler on the fairing and looking uncomfortable having recycled the passenger footpeg as a main peg and only one wing mirror, do give them a wave as I’ve taken it all in good humour!

Only thing that mildly concerned me about it was that I can’t work out what happened. I was moving in between the vehicles in lanes 3 and 4 on the A2 as the traffic ahead started to slow. I feathered the front brake (as the TDM does most of the braking with its engine, I was looking to show a signal as much as anything). The bike reacted as if I’d grabbed a handful. Front’s locked and tucked and we’ve shot down the middle of the traffic and gone really quite some distance.

Don’t get me wrong it’s definitely rider error, tested my brakes a few times on the way back and she seemed fine. Just don’t know what the error was. Wasn’t on white lines either.

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simple patch of oil or diesel

Was it raining? If there was standing water you may have aquaplaned either. That will lock the front instantly.

Regarding Rukka there is a legend of an outlet in Germany that does good deals. May be worth the trip. I don’t have any more details sadly.

You’re welcome in advance.

That does seem like a good excuse to take the bike abroad

Weather conditions were normal winters evening. What I find is that London is okay but by the time you’ve hit Kent, roads have got condensation on. Nothing that should really cause issues breaking in a straight line though. The new engine bars I’ve ordered will be orange - and I have always wanted a KTM!

I had the exact same a few years ago on a loan bike strangely found the helmet video again the other day.

I was only going slow, gentle on the fronts and the thing just went out from under me. Mine I put down to shite tyres and a wet floor but to this day I still have no idea what actually caused it…

Comforting that it’s not just me

I am nearing the end of my tyre life up front

I’ll no doubt see myself on the youtubes shortly. I always watch dashcam montages to be sure I’m not in them

The Hein Gericke jacket came today. It’s a goretex pro jobby with some kind of storm flap. It’s very smart and fits like a suit jacket. Doesn’t look too well used either which is a plus. Quite excited by it really! I must be getting old