Rukka Kalahari trousers........

…Does anyone own a pair?
How are they in the pouring rain? How are they in the crouch in the wet?
Any good or bad experiences with these trousers?

Seriously considering getting a pair as my Dianese Gore-tex are leaving me with wet balls, even in light rain. They’re only one year old :angry:
Why the Kalahari? Pockets. I need pockets :Whistling:
I already wear a Rukka jacket all year round and I think it’s great, but for that sort of money I want to be 100% sure that my @rse stays dry.

re-waterproof your current trousers?

Have you washed the trousers? If they have been in daily use for over a year then the Gore-Tex is probably dirty, and that reduces the efficiency of the membrane. Nixwax do a Gore-Tec wash, that is very very good. No not use any anything else especially washes that claim to add waterproofing or water beading properties to none water proof materials, all these will do is clog the pores in the membrane.

To be honest anything Rukka is well worth it.

I washed the trousers just over a month ago.
30 degrees hand wash.
Unfortunately didn’t make any difference.
I think the Gore-Tex liner might be damaged where it’s stitched together in the crouch area.
Infinity in Clapham kindly offered to send them back to the manufacturer to be checked and repaired, but I can’t find the receipt :crazy:

Rukka is generally very good, my jacket certainly is, but this review I found on the Kalahari worries me a bit:

I have used Nikwax on a HG jacket I had few years ago, but wasn’t impressed with it. Maybe I just didn’t apply it right.

No need to apply Tech Wash. Just use it instead of washing powder.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.&bpcl=38625945&biw=1280&bih=931&um=1&ie=UTF-8&cid=4108736690901007275&sa=X&ei=42qrUIz4E8PS0QXdrIGwDg&ved=0CG4Q8gIwAA