Rukka - Infinity Hanger Lane only this weekend

This is cheap:-

Anything on the pants to match ?

where is that?

s’ok, found it :smiley:

Thanks m8 going to have a look

Probably a zip and a button.

(Sorry Justin:hehe: )

  • Hands Jetstream his / her coat * !!

I dunno , some poeple !

Great deal but I don’t think I could bring myself to ride around in Rukka gear :stuck_out_tongue:

Appears to be the jacket only - the website is showing the jacket at £399.

Really is a great reduction - bet they sell out quickly.

They were doing a promotion of free Rukka gear with a new bike late last year - maybe they overstocked on jackets.

£250 fro a Rukka Jacket with their 5 year warranty is a no-brainer.

No i don’t work for them :smiley: - i do have Rukka Gear and I would rather not be seen dead in mine either :stuck_out_tongue:


If they’re anything like most other shops that do deals like this, they’ll probably only have either one in stock or they’ll have them in XXS or XXXXL only!

This would be a great price to buy, but unfortunately I have a Rukka jacket already. The best thing I ever bought, never regretted it.