Rukka - Big discounts

Apoligies if already posted!


yes big discounts indeed but most english shops will not deal with the warrenty so if it leaks you have to sent it back to germany,and you wont get a curtersy jacket until your is fixed or replaced.

we are selling the £500 rukka jackets at £400 at the mo and the £300 trousers at £260

Are you offering the 15% LB discount on that price as well ?

If so, at the risk of being sent to Coventry by the rest of the folk on here, I may be popping in to see you… :slight_smile:

no it would have been 15% on the £500
but £400 is more than 15% anyway and if you pop down and see alex he may or may not offer something else.
arai’s and shoei are also very cheap at the mo.
dont worry about other people as we have already had 3 LB’ers in buying stuff,you just do what you have to do and dont worry about what other people tell you to do.
as it is still a free country the last time i looked.

sounds a great deal, where is your shop ?