Rug Doctor carpet cleaners

I’ve just been doing our carpets wi’one of these (I know its womens work, so I got straight on with it! :cool: ). They’re the nuts!

The only down side is that you pull these back towards you…giving me flashbacks of my…incident with the lawnmower!:blush:

Do tell…!

so hows the toes doing these days??:D:D

They still smell!:sick: The bruising went after about 4-5 months…when the nail grew out. The whole right hand size had come off…

I tried a bit of the carpet cleaner on my leathers…I dont know whether to chance it and clean the whole suit?:blush:

Back on topic, we hired the Rug Doctor from Tesco’s. What a fuggin gr8 job its done.

i cleaned the carpet in me lorry this week, with one of thesemothers,didnt do a bad job of the carpet. should of taken it out of the cab first though.

The Guardian magazine had an article on the rising popularity of rug stitching Doctors.

Anyone here got experience?

Photos appreciated.:smiley:

Oh ‘J’, you have to reduce everything to gutter level dont you!:angry:

ps, plenty of images and vids at , yes the sites finally up and running!:w00t:

not sure about cleaning, but i do offer a munching service :wink:

Jetstream: The last couple of “rugrats” I’ve known have both been females.

Would they be of any use to you?

Can vouch for these aswell. They are really good. Councils rent these out from homebase etc to clean carpets after people have passed away and have decomposed/melted into the carpet…My Mate works for Tower Hamlets Council

He says they use them all the time over there to clean the houses of people who have passed away.


F*ck you, I wanted to say that :stuck_out_tongue: