ruff ryderz style
hope ya like.

Good stunts. Someone doing spakys signature stunt.

some serious bike control there…great clip

if i aint doin that by streetfighter sunday i’m gona be p1ssed

doubt you will have the space Lee after seeing this years streetfighter sunday, there were more people in the rd than bikes.

I wanna get 12’s down but its a million times harder than you make it look !

come on , show me somthing i havent seen, somthing with more punch, come on ruffryderz,teamxteem,geardup thay all do the same f ucking thing , 12,0 clook wheelys,almost evey 1 is doing it ,wheely circles is even easyer just try it, its all down to set up , any road or gp racer will tell u the same thing ,

u being a stunter just like me ,

i know we can do better…