Rude Place Names

When you are out and about on your rides, if you ever happen across places wtih a rude or funny name, please add them to a list, we may need this for a future rude ride.

All suggestions will be considered.

Went past ‘Cocking’ on the way to Goodwood on Sunday.

Lovely roads towards Portsmouth :wink:

There’s also a ‘gay street’ down that way too… :blush:

Three **** in wales every girls dream :smiley:

Three C0cks in Wales every girls dream :smiley:

Westies favourite, C0ckermouth :slight_smile:

Wetwang in Yorks?

Twatt - both Orkney and Shetland (bit of a treck I know)

Near me are Prickwillow (you’ve already had a ride up there) and Gaywood just outside of Kings Lynn.

Trip to Austria? try -Fucking_

went through PENISTONE (Derbyshire) on the weekendTheres a place in Swizerland called CUNTER and somewhere in Austria called WAN*K oh and of course CONDOM in France :smiley:

Back Passage in London:

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Sandy Balls in Hampshire
Pork Lane in Essex
Badgers Mount in Kent
Pratts Bottom in Kent
Upper Dicker in East Sussex
Balls Green in East Sussex
Staines in Surrey
Happy Bottom in Dorset

Okay, I must stop there as you can all tell that I enjoyed that immensely!

Titty Ho - Raunds, Wellingborough
Cum Cum Hill - Essendon (B158 leads up to Cucumber Lane)


Thong, Kent

Beleive there’s an Ugly Working Mans Club in Ugly…or if there’s not there should be.

Fingringhoe, Essex :slight_smile:

try this list for a fairly comprehensive roundup

I love “Wet Beaver Creek” from the link above

Pratts Bottom,Wetwang,Brown Willy,Cockington,Penistone

Hazley Knob, IN Northampton :smiley:

Wherever you go, it is difficult to beat this one

Clench … near Marlborough always makes me chuckle :stuck_out_tongue:

In Southport there are two roads that make me chuckle, Tom Cockle Dicks Lane and Knob Hall Lane.