ruddy ktm :-(

last week on the way back from the bcr my 660 kept cutting out on idle tick over:angry:

today took carb off cleaned all jets. re-fitted also did oil change, fitted forks

bike starts for about 30seconds then cuts out. adjusted idle but it needs to be high revving to stay on.

spark plug looks ok & starts good as usuall but needs to stay on the revs to keep it running

any things i could look at next???


Airfilter, earth leads?

Did you check and clean out the air filter?
Or idle jet?

filter is new & i did open carb cleaned jets. spark plug looked fine but i’ll get a new one cos i’m told they can brake down inside of the plug and once it heats up it will not operate correctly.

if all fails i’ll book it in hm racing n let them sort it at £££’s:crazy:

was hoping to get out on the lanes this weekend:crying:

D does it have a fuel filter ? the CCM i run had a small filter hidden in the fuel pipe, could be worth checking .

it dont have a filter on the line from tank to carb (i think)

i’ll change the spark plug & see from there because it starts good as usual but once the bike heats up after a min it cuts out.

maybe its time for a xt660???

You know that would be the sensible thing to do :wink:

Good luck though!

LOL thats what i keep telling him .

:smiley: i’ve spent so much on the ktm so i’ll keep it cos i have sooooooo much fun on it but the price i have to pay is 500mile oil changes & always doing stuff to it to keep it on the road. plus it do use it to it max so it going to need it

just have new fork seals done:D should get a few wheelies out of them;)

You know you want one:

They even do them in orange!

Maybe you should get one for the days the KTM is broken.

that would be most of the days anyway :w00t:

Seriously, I hope you get it fixed soon. Nothing as depressing as broken bike in the garage when you want to go and ride it.

oh yes those twin akrapovic’s would look nice on my 660smc you can keep the rest:D:P

No way - that one has indicators !!

what are those glass things above the handle bars for?

For doing ya Make-Up:)

i’ll have the rims as they would look sweet on my white 660;):smiley:

yeah, it’s te practical stuff. Good weather weekend riders wouldn’t off course know what it’s for :wink:

I think i speak for all riders when i say DIRTY BASTARD WEATHER:angry:

Yup got to lose the mirrors .

Looking good Buck, im so glad its stopped raining, im off to Finchingfield for Brekkie (Just thought i,d bore everyone with my plans…Hmmm i can already smell the Bangers)…:slight_smile:

It’s time for you to go to the dark side!!!

Buy a Husky:cool: