Rucksack suitable for riding at high speeds

Right, so I was riding down to my mates house in deepest darkest kent on saturday morning with my old puma rucksack on my back.

Everything fine so far…

I get to my mate’s house fine, just go in for a quick cuppa before we head down to the coast.

Check my rucksack to find my ciggies for a quick nicotine fix and guess what…

My rucksack is open and empty. :frowning:

To cut a long story short I lost my house keys, wallet and other important bits and pieces.

My question to you guys is, do you know of any decent rucksacks that won’t open when I’m riding at speed?

I was thinking of going for something by alpinestars or dainese.

Any ideas?

My Oxford sports backpack has done me proud over the past 18 months, and it has been used above 130 (on a private test track…cough) never opened up on me, has velco and dual zips…was only about 20/30 quid.

Kriega. Search the forum for views on their stuff. Top class.

This man speaks of the legend; Kriega. Absolutely top-notch. I use one myself now after a similar experience, though not quite so bad.

Are you sure you zipped it shut?

I didn’t and lost the same - but claimable on home insurance. I doubt any rucksack zips would actually open at any speed, and if you don’t zip them shut I doubt any ruck sack would cope with speeds over 100.

I would recommend knox though as a cheap alternative to kreiga, the load is held low down on your back so kept out of the airflow, well it doesn’t cause turbulence like any old rucksack.

Never had problems with my alpienstar one. cost me about £40 and test to speeds suitable for london :w00t:

Not had any probs with my Berghaus rucksack, its been thoroughly speed tested all through the summer :smiley: I got home tonight and realised I hadnt zipped it up before I left work but luckily my wallet was still there

Since I lost my stuff I put a key fob on my zip. I can see it fluttering in the breeze in my left mirror (if I really look for it) if the zip is shut and (in theory) in my right mirror if it is open.

yep same thing with me, the zips have to be at the bottom if there are two and not at the top of the rucksack and then they are all okay…

the rider in this cannonball bike run clip doing 186mph in a foreign country is using a Frank Thomas Cargo rucksack and still uses it 2 years later, is that fast enough? :satisfied:http://

i use a highlander hiking rucky,

its been up to 130 odd…never opened, padded back so its comfertable, lots of pockets, i love it, when it falls apart i ill get a proper bike one!

my mate uses an oxford one, does job, thats been up to at least 160…oh yeah…private road…:smiley:

I used to struggle, like a mental patient in a straight jacket, with an old rucksack. Got fed up with it and bought an oxford hump tail pack. These things are great, but there are times when you kick the bungees all over the place, just because you cant be bothered to lift your leg over properly! (yep, im a lazy fecker!!)

I went to the NEC this weekend gone, and reluctantly parted with £79 for a Kriega R25. Wow. So comfortable with its harness system, almost feels as if youre not carrying anything! Looks good too (had a comment from a lady colleague… mmmm - thats another story!)

Basically, i cant believe i never went and bought one earlier. They’re made for bikers, and the strap adjustment rings are excellent, and its so quick to put on/off.

Blimey, i sound like an advert for them!

If you can part with the notes, GO GET ONE!!!


The only problem I find with the Kriega I looked at was that it didn’t have enough sections to serparate all my stuff. I think I’ll just have to stick with my Jeep one.

i’ve got the knox one but dont end up using it that much. design is spot on, but weighs extra, and the shape aint allways that helpful

usually just use on of those cheapo oxfold foldaway type ones. you can fit everything in it, and weighs nothing. drawstring top. jobs a goodun

if you’re paranoid about the zips coming undone just get a mini luggage paddlock and lock the zips together?

I’ve used cable ties for that in the past… I now have a Hein Gericke one that has been tested at silly speeds with no problems… that has poppers that hold the zip ends together…

On the CB13 i rarely take luggage for a night away as the underseat space can hold a pair of jeans, shoes, change of skids and socks and a couple of cans of wife beater… what more do you need? :slight_smile:

flippin hell, is a CB13 a car?? :wink:

Nah tis a Truck :wink: :slight_smile:

The underseat storage is something like 12 litres!!!