Rucksack for touring

Ok, so I know rucksacks are probably not the best to go on an extended ride with, but taking into account the amount that the standard aprilia panniers would cost plus the fact that they don’t even hold that much, I thought a rucksack would be a much better choice.

First question is, what is the largest size that anyone here has had on their back and been comfortable with

second, what would be the best brand to look at?

I have decided that I may actually fly to Spain with a suitcase and leave some stuff there at the beginning of August, do my 2 week ride and then go back bank holiday to pick the suitcase up, but will need some stuff with me on the road so I have scaled down from expecting a massive 70+ litre bag to something more manegable.

Any thoughts?

What are you riding and what’s your budget?

If you can afford it Kreiga every time, R25 or R35, you can also add on to those for extra space. :smiley:

Fishface has worn a 65kg pack as a pillion in desparate wind/rain conditions going oop north packed to exploding and i’m sure stacey (suzuki750chick) had similar on the way to the bulldog last year , so the answer is do whatever you need to :slight_smile:

and it definately wasnt fun!
but its better than having all my clothes go up in flames when we used panniers …oops

Clothes in flames?? Thats what I want to avoid! Thing is I could spring for the Aprilia Panniers but I have heard some stories that with the aftermarket exhaust fitted it does not handle the heat very well. Last thing I want is to leave a streak of smoke and burnt clothes on the way through France :slight_smile:

As for my plans, well I have booked 2 weeks off in August and would be doing a run to Northwest Spain and back. Was thinking of taking the ferry to Bilbao or Santander but decided I would rather ride down. I am still debating on if I should fly down and leave some clothes there (my grandparents have a house in Galicia) and then just use a small pack to have the essentials for the ride there and back.

Fishface, how long were you riding at any given time? I have started planning out my route and figured to make it in the time I want I would need to ride 6-8 hours one day and the rest (14+ hours) the next day. I may take a break in the middle though, as I don’t see it being that feasible.

I’d say a 25 / 35 litre backpack- Kriega are a great choice been using mine for a few years now and still in great condition so worth the money.

Also a Tail pack that sits on the pillion seat will hold loads too - and gives you a little back rest. Add to that a tank bag and you should have more than enough luggage space. It’s not about bringing loads of stuff it’s bringing the the right stuff that counts!

The more weight you carry on your body will add up in terms of fatigue - a long day in the saddle will seem even longer the more weight you carry

Been looking at the packs suggested and found a 35 litre that can be expanded by an additional 10. This actually does not seem too bad, provided I have some stuff at my destination already. Does anyone know where would be the best place to purchase?

I use a Kriega 35 which great but if you’re travelling long distances then it going to strain you back after a while if it’s fully laden. Next time I tour I’m going to use some Kriega tailpacks too, helping spread the weight.

Not too sure about the space on your seat, but simple way would be too bungee a dry bag onto the pillion, so it’s not on your back at all and as said actually helps provide a little backrest.Very cost effective -

just bought and am currently using a Kriega US-20 tailpack. Its great, fits really neatly with two straps under the pillion seat, no straps around the rear end scratching up the paint, decent space. You can also add one or two us-10’s as well which strap onto the 20.

Erm I’ve just used any old rucksack that fits my needs. As long as it has a lower tummy belt strap to stop it flapping around it’s good for me. Right now I’m using a North Face ‘Jester’ 'cos we get them free from work :slight_smile:

I’ve ridden with a full 75 litre hiking rucksack on my back

Not recommended, a bit wobbly at first but you get used to it I suppose. You really notice it in high wind and when trucks fly past. The waist strap made it more comfortable

well ive had my trusty Kriega R25 FOR 3 YEARS NOW AND ITS BRILLIANT. I have just come back from a trip up north and managed to fit in 2 bottles of wine, jeans, jumper, shoes and still with some room left. Its a comfy rucksack and gives your back the support it needs. Well worth the money and strong too. It is waterproof also if you buy the drop in liner! lol

Just bought a Kriega R25, lots of space (it BIG) and on the few rides i’ve took it (though short) I haven’t noticed it on - its great! I love it, if i was taller i’d have got a R35 but hey ho.

Just hoping it lives up to Westie’s review :smiley:

But yeah get a Kriega!!! its awesome! :cool:

Thanks for all the great replies. I am definitely looking into the kreiga as it seems to be a good pack for a few days. May also be looking into panniers, I noticed that Ventura do a set as well which seems to hold more than the aprilia version. Only concern will be to see how they handle heat with aftermarket exhausts, although if anything will leave that upgrade until after my trip.

First major trip will be in May so hoping to have something by then. If and when I do get it will make sure to post a review.