RST Leathers - Peoples opinions

I have been looking at their leathers, both one and two piece. They seem to be ok and have good reviews, but they dont appear to have much padding in addition to the standard armour.

What do people think?

Looking at this.

i dont like them,

i would see what other deals are going on this years stuff as its winter,and they want to sell them.

we have some spidi 2 piece spidi nrg’s left in stock black/white and black/grey

and some all black alpinestars

Agree, dont really like em, they dont have much in way of padding…they are not that comfortable, the leather marks quick? Ive just sold mine on fleabay full set plus matching gloves in the blue white black?..woman who bought em got a bargain for £55 the lot !!! but i didnt want em so my loss…ive got the celtic hein gericke at mo? not sure bout those either?..they do have good protection but im getting into joe rocket leathers ?

Cheers guys, hhhhhhhhmmmmmmm that’s what i thought, decisions decisions!!!

i came off in my spidi one piece fairly fast, dont know how fast as i was not looking at the speedo.

i still using them now

You a Spidi salesman?

What are your prices? Really was after something with blue it… gotta match ya know!

Avoid RST, I have 2 pairs of gloves, one pair was fine till I customised it, the replacement has with just 2000 miles use, started falling apart in the palm. In a crash situation I could have copped a nasty hand injury, so I went and spent the proper wonga on some alpinestars.

For suits, if money is tight, Hein Gericke are very good, they outperform many far more expensive suits, the one I tested just needed £50 repairs at Nine Lives . . . . . Only criticism, the rubber armour is sweaty and a bit poo, however you can stuff TPro armour in there to upgrade it.

I have to say i am less happy with the Pro series than the previous set.
I have had 2 RST leather trowsers, the first had lots of knee and pelvis padding (removable), it coped realy well with a couple of slides i had, i was happy with them. The newer PRO series ones i have have good knox knee padding (removable), but the pelvis padding is realy thin and stiched in without any pockets to add more which is annoying. I have not crash tested the second set on the road, i only came off on the track and slid in the grass and no damage is evident.
To sumarise, i would buy another old series set if i see them on ebay but probably not the new PRO series unless i could be bothered to stich in some extra pelvis padding.

Go for Alpinestars. Mine have withstood 3 offs. Bit tatty but still one more in them I think

nuff said

Thanks for the input kiddies. I am asking as I have found a brand new one piece of the above and some pro trousers going quite cheap. hhhhmmmm anything to be honest would be better than the unbranded leathers I am currently using.

My 2penneths worth… bought the ex “propelle” 2 piece and it had to go back numerous times from stitching coming undone etc… that was through normal wearing use, not crashing!!!

Thanks for the help guys, I have made the plunge and got a one piece forza suit. Brand new and found it cheap, and will be better than the off the market cack I have at the moment.

Will see over time how it stands up, until I start earning my millions, this will do for now.

I have to two sets (1 and 2 peice)

The one peice fits much better (more elasticated pannels) although it has hard amour, which i had to replace in the shoulders as im 6’4’’ and filled the suit , so some hiprotec gave me another couple of inches.

The two piece is ok and well worth the bargin price, has soft armour,our so mor comfortable day in day out. The trousers dont have hip armour unlike the one peice.

I’m wearing the 2 piece “propelle” I think, has SRT-7 stitched on the side.

I like it, for the price (£310). Comfy, stretch panels, vented and cool (perfect for summer). Inner liner for the jacket. Zips and pockets in the right places. Had to buy a knox back insert but it fits perfectly. Feels rugged, very thick and safe and no signs of wear yet. I preferred it to the pro series. I wear the jeans with my HG textile top too if I fancy poncing around with knee sliders when it’s cold or wet.

Makes me look like son of batman though (went for the all black gimp look)!

lol, funny that, my g/f said I was gonna look like a gimp when I told her I bought the one piece yesterday! lol

Well, varied opinions on the RST equipment, Forza (picture on first post) isn’t the pro series (I dont think) but am thinking of getting the jeans to go with my textile jacket (w*nk thomas which I actually like).

As I say, must be better than what I currently have, and for £150 for a brand new one piece, I cant go wrong??? surely?