RST 2 Piece for Sale

Hi All,

RST pro series 2 piece for sale (zip together)

I bought these last summer from J&S in Ilford and then my motorcycle got stolen :frowning:

Since then they have beenun the wardrobe and I am about to purchase a new bike but no more sportsbikes for me…

In very good condition, will clean them up with a good leather care before letting them go. Were never worn commando niether :wink:

Jacket is a size 44 and trousers 32.

Pick up from NW7 from Friday.

Going on eBay with a reserve of £200. Happy for any LBer to take them away for £150




Few more pics





nice set similar to mine

its a pity the jacket is 44 I would have brought a spare set

Just put on some weight :wink:

Where are you maybe I could try that’s for size ?

i would love to have these but am slightly larger then you ;) maybe if ya put me on one of your courses could fit into them :smiley:

Hi Wise. I am in Mill Hill! Happy to let you try?

Daniel - Haha! You now want a free nutrition plan too?

Mill hill is a it out of my way but if you haven’t sold by Easter weekend I could pop down and have a try if that’s ok

I tried to persuade Mr J that he likes them (ie, because I like them! :grin:)

He doesn’t. The boy has no taste.

Hi Wise,

They are on eBay now and finishes on Saturday… Where are you based?

Janet - find a new bloke. You don’t need negativity like that :wink:

I Live In Maldon

ill be working in Putney for a few weeks then moving to east London office

do you have the link for ebay ?

I work just near Canary Wharf so could bring them down there if that’s more convenient?

5 watchers so far but who knows

all i am saying is if i lost a few pounds then these would fit and can buy them ;) lol 

all i am saying is if i lost a few pounds then these would fit and can buy them ;) lol  Big_D
A "Few" Pounds

yer a few ;) 

Thanks Janey - your treat??? (need to check the legs are long enough though)

I keep on forgetting that there’s an alternative Mr J. You do understand that I’m contractually obliged to say my one would look better in them, don’t you? 

PMd you.