Royal wedding rideout - seeing as I'll be home

For those not off to Wales and uninterested in following the Royal wedding, I think it would be a grand idea to head out on a “royal wedding avoidance” rideout on the day itself, Friday 29th April.

Added bonus, every copper in the South East is likely to be on duty in London, so I reckon the risk of speed traps will be minimal :slight_smile:

Probably meet up at the Box say 10 for a 10.30am departure - and head south. Nothing mental, just a chance to enjoy the unseasonably quiet roads, down to Brighton / Rye and back.

No knobbers, fans of the royal family or scooterists need apply :smiley:

Have fun:) We will be (in Wales):smiley:

My timing is crap, but we should be able to catch up on the Puppy memorial rideout.

Brighton Friday
Hastings Monday

Sounds like a good weekend :slight_smile:


Probably be there, if the weather is good :smiley:

You rode to Puppy’s funeral on a cold wet day with a broken leg. How bad does the weather have to be?

Bearing in mind that the wedding is a pointless waste of public money when the whole thing could have been done in private in one of the royal chapels with no expense and no bother, can we make sure we make something good of the day with a generous LAA whip round?

mmm it’s gotta be pretty bad I suppose.

Gotta see how healed the leg is too, been over-doing it on the bike a little. I’m saving up for my “ride to pay the ex’s new bf a visit for being a douchebag” rideout that will be appearing on your screens in a few weeks! :w00t::smiley:

But yeha, like i said, a Friday with nothing to do sounds good for riding :smiley:

Providing I’m not in Cheltenham, I’ll be there… :slight_smile:

If my course finishes a day early then i’ll be there :smiley:

Provided I get out of Westminster Abbey in time I should be there:)

My invite must be stuck in the post…:angry:

Mine too. I have given up waiting and am escaping the country instead :stuck_out_tongue:

good day for a blast

Definitely will be there with two friends (cbr600 & Yammy thundercat) - if that’s okay with you BL?


If I get my bike bolted back together in time then I’ll be up for this :slight_smile:

Course it is :stuck_out_tongue:

very likely join you on this one :slight_smile:

still on for this…

got a route/destination planned?


Pretty much…head to Brighton…Ice Cream…come home. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds good!

Looking forward to this as it’s my next rideout :smiley: