Just got an email from royal Mail - “Your parcel ******* has just been delivered to you or one of your neighbours” DOH! at least it was delivered somewhere LOL!!! 

Lol that’s specific… they could have added, ‘somewhere in the uk’ for clarity?!

When you get home there should be card with the door number on it. Perhaps their automated email notification system doesn’t allow for such detail. I guess that’s a good thing as, if they were given the wrong email address, someone may end up nicking your parcel.

National Treasure will be along in a bit to  tell you the rules/regs

Yeah - don’t be knocking a postie :slight_smile:  

I wonder if that’s the same delivery driver that had a “Mr Smith” sign for my Techspecs at my neighbours? Which would’ve been OK except that there’s no one there called that.

It’s worse when you get the same message having quietly sat at home specifically waiting for that delivery…

The look on his face when you open the door just after he’s put the little card through the letter box without knocking…priceless :grinning:

A revised system, new PDA’s and software, for logging Special Deliveries, Signed For, Tracked and other scanned items went live last Tuesday. Expect some glitches from the new software its an IT thing :wink:

How it should work but not necessarily how it will work is that Royal Mail should attempt delivery to a neighbour if they get no answer at the addressed delivery point, assuming you haven’t opted out of this service. As above a card detailing the neighbour delivery was made to would have been left at the addressed delivery point. If this is the case the keyboard entered name within the electronic system of the neighbour receiving your parcel should be prefixed with an X which denotes delivered to neighbour, in the above case ‘XSMITH’  and then signed for as Smith.

The Postie has no control over who the neighbour claims to be or how they sign their name. In the past I’ve had parcels signed for by Micky Mouse, Ronnie Biggs and regularly accept a mark for a signature.

If all delivery attempts fail the item will be returned to the local Delivery Office or in rural areas the local Post Office for collection, the address and collection times will be on the card, there is also an option for the item to be re-delivered at a later date.

Rumour has it that a ‘delivered to neighbour’ menu option is on the cards for the next software overall.

If your not happy complian to Royal Mail Compensation is only an email away [email protected].