Royal enfield

I’m thinking of build up my old royal enfield
It’s a 700 twin has anyone any spares or know where I could parts from
It was left to me by my dad and it is about time I got it running again
Pin He will have everything you need…


Should have got some while you were there!

Thats really helpful… Your such a troll!!

Wow! - First you are thinking of buying a Ducati, then you unearth an RE from nowhere …Constellation? Meteor? …whatever - some bike!

What year? Model? What’s needed to be done on it? anything missing?

PS the Ace has got one in it’s display area (Connie I think) Famous for having started the tabloids in their ‘hate biker scum’ rant of 1961-2 ( the consequences of that being that Sid and Doris England virtually spat on and ostracised bikers for 25 years )

Here it is…

The royal enfield is a bike that’s been in the back of my garage after my dad died for about 8 years now
He left it to me it’s all in bits and most parts are going to require some working on
It’s a constellation 700 from about 1959
I have seen the one at the ace and I guess that and time passing I should start to put it back on the road again
But I look on it as a long term project
I do have one or to bikes that I ride but am looking for something different
That where the Ducati comes in I can’t buy it tomorrow I don’t have the money but its something to work for
Ps as I get older my goal become smaller because time runs out

That’s the definition of a happy life ain’t it?

To have something you desire to be just out of your reach…:wink:

ps if it wasn’t for the sentimental connection I’d advise selling Connie for parts and using money to buy a Ducati/MV Agusta/Triumph 675…but I would wouldn’t I?:D:cool:

To be honest looking at all the parts
I was thinking the same but don’t know if i can

Pin - I guess you meant to put the above in this thread.

Yep I know where you’re coming from but the good news is they won’t depreciate and will be worth more in a years time guaranteed…just go out and give them a good soaking in ACF-50 and they’ll last longer than you will.

Nobody lost money in investing in Classic bikes and parts (especially British) and 99.9% made money on them :cool: