Royal Enfield - Electra EFI

Hi all, am selling my Enfield as i’ve got another bike and so haven’t been using it - it’s just been to the dealer and had a few bits done, minimal miles since the service, and in great condition cosmetically, and mechanically. Just had the sprag clutch replaced which is a common 2 year problem, nothing else needs any attention whatsoever.

It’s a 2010 (10 plate) bike, with approx 7,000 miles. The photos show it seriously seriously polished up - so to anyone paying the asking price i’ll throw in a mo-clean (the guy is very good!) to get it back up to where it was when I picked it up; costs £70.00.

I’m based in central London, and have used the bike through the summer and autumn - if you’re a boy racer… this might not be the bike for you! That said, i’ve done a fair bit of motorway and A3 rides and there’s enough power to do that, and with a pillion.

The whole feel of the bike, is like something from the 50’s - but with electric start and a couple of creature comforts. Has a luggage rack which i’ll include with the sale.

Apart from the clutch, and a battery which needed replacing (thanks Daws!), no problems.

Looking for £2100.00 ovno - low mileage, well looked after bike that is 2 years old.[email protected]/8351456176/[email protected]/8351457908/

Any questions or interest - please drop me a pm!



Nice great bike, easy to fix and very comfy!

Alot of people ride these around the world.

good luck with the sale

Rixxy, you looking to trade up from your Blade?

Thanks Rixxy! Well they go pretty well on a track, the dirt kind not Brands Hatch…

NO, but i have been impressed with them seeing so many when i travelled around. I know one guy who was riding one round the world on vegi oil.