Roxio cd burner

I got the above software with my Dell and am frigged if i can get it to work.I have burned a dvd to my pc, and tried to burn it back to another dvd, whcih worked but with no sound. I uploaded a .avi file (which my camera records film as) and the same thing happened. I am using vista, if that matters.

I am new to all this lark, and want to burn loads of .avi film of my baby son to dvd to share with family, as well as copy some dvds (if the DRM doesnt stop me)

I have gone through the help tutorial but that offers no real help.

The dvd i have burned has copied to 2 folders within the main folder, one audio, one video. The audio contains no files and the video one contains lots. Do I just upload all the video files or what?

i also have windows movie maker on the pc but that seems to be pretty similar too.

Am bloody confused, if anyone can offer any help, or offer a better alternative I would be grateful.

And before anyone says it, I am not removing vista to return to xp!! :wink:

Ta muchly

only thing i can think of is you have not selected destination properly, where to burn to.

I use nero and you choose destination and also sends details to temp folder.