Routes to Derby

I regulary go up to Derby on the bike and am fed up of riding up and down the M1! Can anyone recommend me a good motorbike friendly route! Thanks

Used to live in Notts…

Used to go back up Via A5 near Oxford, through Marlow and High Wycombe etc… Aylesbury… Keep heading North!! A35/38 takesyou off the A5 and parallel to M1 pretty much bit more interesting… Then used to head towards buxton way… and if feeling energetic enough… peel off towards Macclesfield and come into Derby from that side stopping off at the Cat & Fiddle after a mental stretch before it… before having a nice ride down into Matlock bbath and then to my house down the road… Break it up with lots of stops and its an awsome… but tiring day.

Both the A5 or the A6 are good, as i live near to both its a hard call but i think i would go for the A6 as its a bit more rural,

From London it may be quicker on the A5 then head up to Burton on Trent via the A444/ A38 then up to Derby from there. Have fun, remember you not lost you just dont know where you are!!!


From the Ace side of London I’d go A413 up to Buckingham through Buckingham towards Towcester and pick the A5 up then as SPG says Burton on Trent via the A444 on to the A38 into Derby. I use this route when I go up that way as it’s fast flowing nice route. Then there’s so many routes and scenic roads to take to the Cat n Fiddle etc… ahhhhh had great fun in July up there.

(Still prefer North Wales though) :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks guys - will try it out when the weather gets better…hopefully soon!

GSXRAng - just read your thread about your trip to Wales - sounds fantastic and wish I was going - enjoy.