Route to Cheltenham

OK I’m thinking of heading there and back on Saturday to stretch the KTM’s legs a bit… Anyone have any interesting routes to get there and back? Don’t want to do a massive diversion but any tips welcome. Should have said starting point is Haywards Heath in Sussex

I’ve always gone there on a40 or motorway and then explored locally over the weekends I stayed there…

Alex this is an easy one for me , head A272 towards Petersfield, then up the A3 for a bit picking up the road for Alton, through Selbourne. Once at Alton go up to Bassingstoke A339, (coffee at the departure lounge) . then Newbury. Next is Wantage, there are 2 roads from newbury to wantage, take your pick, there both great. Then to Faringdon A417 then Lechlade then Burford and straight to Cheltenham.
I get down to Goodwood 3 or 4 times a year and I use these roads a fair bit. have fun. Oh how long are you up for? give me a shout if you want to go play, assuming I’m free. oh its ruffly 140 miles this way

As anove or try the b4000 lambourn area

Cheers folks, think I might do exactly that but take a variation to avoid burford and head via bibury :slight_smile:

I’m only going to be up there for a couple of hours as the whole point of the trip will be to just stretch the KTM’s legs on one day. Think I’m going to be too tired to play around the cheltenham area as well as the trip there and back. Still not used to riding for long hours after such a prolonged period off the bike…

Cheers to both rosso and Tim… route options were perfect. Wish I had left earlier, only spent 30 mins in Cheltenham and had to take motorways home…

I’m sure I’ve done those routes before on various rideouts but funny how you can never remember the best roads when you need to. Only thing I would change is that bloody A272… great road, but too many people on it.

to many double white lines on it to, I think its one of them early morning roads,

Yeah when I manage to do this route leaving at 8am, I’ll stick to it :smiley:

What about fish hill? :o

I slid up there earlier today, gotta luv the fish.

Did you tip the scales? Or tickle the gills.

Me too Rosso, its part of my circuit :wink: