route help

Can anybody help I’m looking to get to broadstairs from Highbury barn I’m on L plates only been riding a couple of weeks so nice quiet roads preferably no tunnels or bridges fast over taking nasty cars side winds or tolls shouldent be to hard

no bridges or tunnels? I guess your only option is the greenwich ferry then.

I think I’ve found my calling in life, fixing me_groovys’ links on LB :w00t:

Maybe you could help him with his bikes as well. :smiley:

Or use Tower Bridge ( a good photo opportunity) and pick up the same route.

Or less direct but more attractive, pick up the A20 off the A2, Maidstone, pick up the A252 at Charing, A28 at Chilham round Canterbury where you pick up the A257 to Sandwich then north ont the A256 to Ramsgate then follow sighns for Broadstairs.

Looks a bit less straight and boring.

Close, but there is no Greenwich ferry (that one’s Woolwich) and the Aspen Way is a dual carriageway with a bridge on it.

Hrm, given that dual carriageways are preferable to shitty junctions on single-carriageways, and that bridges are okay really, I’d do this. From where comes your dislike of bridges/tunnels?

You can’t get to the Woolwich Ferry without passing the docks and that gives you a choice of three bridges, the most sensible of which is a dual carriageway. That bit of London’s not great for junctions, either, so even if you did mostly stick to single-carriageways to get to the ferry in order to avoid using a bridge you’d have a crap time getting there compared to just going over tower bridge.

As an aside, the CoPilot GPS app for Android lets you specify your favour for different sorts of roads, with motorways, dual carriageways, main roads, secondary roads and town roads as the different types. You might find that handy for this sort of thing.