route advice - to nuerburgring

hi all :slight_smile:

am off to see WSBK at Nuerburgring in early September

would appreciate any advice on my route to nuerburg from calais
the idea is to get some of the ardennes and eifel roads into the trip

friday from calais to monday afternoon back

this is roughly what i have at the moment

or this

might try and have a lap round the ring on the sat evening if the masses will allow :smiley:

Calais to the 'ring is a fast 4 hr hoon. Roads around the ring are excellent, and if you can route Nationale’s through France are better than payage’s, and on a bike no slower. Ring’s open Sunday morning from 8am and usually much quieter so preferable to Saturday for a ride around. You can ring Sunday morning and then blat back to Calais Sunday afternoon no trouble. alternatively taking a more meandering route and adding time. HTH

will be at the WSBK race on the sunday so will prob do the busy saturday evening green hell run after qualification :smiley:

I went to the Nurburgring last Sunday 14 hour round trip, London - Nurburgring (there for about 3 hours) - London! and that was in the car:)

Calais - Brussels - Aachen - Nurburg. boring motorway for most of it but good roads to get from A to B in a hurry.

nutter! :slight_smile:
i think we will take a bit more time and find some twisty tarmac