Route advice needed.

Hi all,

I’m relatively new to London and biking and am trying to find some more good routes to ride from my home. I live in the Finsbury Park area in Islington and have been riding out to the Epping Forest area. I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of where else there are some good routes that are relatively easily accessible from where I am.

Thanks in anticipation…

Where abouts in Epping have you been riding ? There’s some cracking roads between there and Finchingfield and beyond !

Yep marklid has it right, carry on east from the junction 5 M11 interchange on the A113 and it all becomes loverly…

Thanks guys. Last time out I did a clockwise circular route (quite short) from Waltham Abbey north and then back round to epping.

Just looked at the A113 area on the map. Looks good. I’ll be sure to try that out next time.

Yeap A113, then B184, then B1057 is a classic route, add in B183 and others and you will be having yourself a lot of fun :slight_smile:

What sorta times are you free i.e. weekends, weekdays etc?
I will see if I can free up some time and show you a cracking route ! I want to get used to my ninja too, and scrub in the front tyre, it currently has about 10 miles of use so far :blink:

Cheers Marklid,

That’s a nice offer and I think eventually I’d be more than happy to take you up on it, but I’ve only had my Fazer for 2 weeks and its my first bike, so I’m trying not to push things too hard at the moment, so I’d probably hold you up quite impressively.

LOL don’t worry about it mate I’m not that fast !!
I’m probably gonna try and head out for a couple of hours tomorrow early afternoon, won’t be caning it as the front tyre is brand spanking new so feel free to tag along.

Cool, that sounds good actually, I may well try and meet you. Where would you be and at what time?

PMd ya :wink:

Chipping Ongar to Great Dunmow up the B184 is a great ride - watch out for cops though on a Sunny Sunday!

Stay on right up to Saffron Walden if you are enjoying yourself!


Sure is ! Then usually go round Great Dunmow to Finchingfield. If you carry on the B1057 to Haverhill more excellent roads, then the other side of Haverhill is the A143 - cracking road !!

Hi nikobe, I live quite close to you in Stoke Newington, drop me a PM for any weekend and we can arrange something. This Sunday morning I’m going with Afro to Essex, if you want to join us you are welcomed.