Route # 38

I’ve now got a date in North Yorkshire :w00t: so won’t be with you :frowning:

ehm, excuse me! :angry:

… could I please know at what time you plan to be back? :smiley:

When they get back.:slight_smile:


…and what’s all this mystery about? You guys may be overestimating, you know?! :smooooth:

Now I have high expectations on this mighty ride out :stuck_out_tongue:

Im keen, do i get a nobber exemption!!:smiley:

This is Route #38 - Its a rideout, Chip stop highly likely followed by attending a stunt spot for a bit of tom foolery - whats overestimated?:cool:

If you havn’t heard of these friday night rideouts i would look them up with the search function… or just get yourself on one!:smiley:

P.S. You can leave at any point - some have been known to stay out past midnight!:ermm: :laugh:

Well back in the good old days when we also used to venture in to town to frith or leicester square I would roll home about 2am or later haha!

Only prob now is your dead on your feet by 9 and in bobi land by 10 !!!:stuck_out_tongue:


sweet, thanks, I might be in :smiley:

Late night coffee and cake in central sounds like a great idea!

could i come on this run? thats me and the r6:) promise i wont leave my pocket open again! hopefully finish work in time!

No other plans for tonight so I’d say I’m in but still would be good to see some more details:) What’s the route and what’s the destination?:slight_smile: And what’s the general pace / bikes participating - just asking, I’m not too fast:D

Have a feeling that there’s a very good reason for not publishing the exact route :smiley:

From what I can tell it’s likely to be a great deal of the fun. Focus on the journey, not the destination! Terry know’s the way - all you have to do is follow!

If you can do the speed limit you’ll keep up!:Whistling: Corner man is usually in place so just ride at your own pace!:wink:

@CurlyAlly somehow I expected this answer;) Allright then! Sounds like it’s going to be fun:) I’m in!

Tel - what bike you leading this on??

Shame I’m getting my crash bungs fitted, otherwise I’d drop by. Have fun!

CG 125 :slight_smile:

Hey Terry… I’d love to have come on this tonight, but my bike’s still in bits.

I’ll keep an eye out for the next one… :slight_smile: