Route #32

Me please :smiley:

Can’t make it now. Sorry. Next time!

Terry, not sure I’ll make this :ermm: I’ve got Minder on tape to watch and I hear it’s a goodun this week :smiley:

Will try and get there if I can :wink:

Take it you’ve checked in your boxers :smiley:

I checked this morning, yep it’s definitely there :D:P

Feck me you’re up early today Tel are you waiting for your meals on wheels delivery? :slight_smile:

I am Mate, they phoned me, said the delivery Ladys runnin late. She’s stuck indoors waiting for a plumber to turn up :wink: So f8ck off to work, I’m gettin hungry :slight_smile:

sorry girls i wont be making this one tonight.:slight_smile:

Will try and make this…Been a while since I’ve seen the old bastid.

classic Moto comeback:D:D made me chuckle that did

i am feeling bit better today, will be at ace:)

I’m gonna try to be there for 7.30 but if I’ not wait for me, I’ll wont be long!

well that sucks i missed you lot by about 5mins :frowning:

better luck next time i guess

Good night, ta.

Yip, muchly enjoyed.


Good night… Zine you bad boy lol :wink:

Had a great evening thanks everyone for making it so.

boy, i’ve missed Friday night frolics. Was a quality evening, great roads and great company :slight_smile:

he-he … I got away with it (well this time) :cool:

Great rideout, thanks guys & gals :stuck_out_tongue:

why what happened then please spill the beans