Route #32


Its got warm :slight_smile:

Ratty I know its to cold for you and your mates, so lets not chat fish on here :stuck_out_tongue:

Leaving the Ace bout 7.30pm, probably involve bout 100 miles ish

Come fueled up as we wont wait

May involve a bit of motorway

Probably finish the night off at a St*nt spot

This is not a post to tell us why you cant make it

Its not a Race, its a rideout

Who’s up for it ?

This is not a LB sponsored rideout in any way, its purely just people getting together for the ride, if you have any spills or get any tickets then its your own fault, not mine or LB’s.

up for it but dont finish work till 8…

Yup, count me in, my mum said no thanks though but thanks for the offer tel :smiley:

Tel…[email protected] off:D

you could be nice for one bloody day! it tis gonna be my burthday that day:w00t::wink:

i might well come out to play with you old bastids:D:P

Well, as I don’t have a licence at the moment (rod licence that is), maybe I’ll roll out on the Blandit, poss bring the little lady along too.

im going fishing tomorrow:D

lordy! me Ratty, coming out with us old c*nts on your burfday ?

You want to get yourself some Mates and a life :smiley:

Course I’ll be nice to you, we’ll even sort you out a candle for your kebab and some burfday beats :slight_smile:

Yep for us (child allowing) :wink:

yeehaaaa, it’s playtime :w00t:

i know i know what it coming to huh! well i am getting old sooooo, my mates have no idea im a didssapear on my burthday night…i will have fun on teh bike…not spend a fortune…AND remeber it all in teh morning…GRAND:D

can you ask that other OAP Tugless to be nice toooooooo pwwweeeaaase!:smiley:

+1 for a putt :cool:

well im a provisional yes as im not too sure if im are going to the cinema yet or not.

I’ll come along… to give Tugs someone to encourage along! :slight_smile:

Sorry T… Forgot i’m *On-call * so can’t venture out too far :angry:

However will consider any IL4ers i’ve met b4 that wanna try an SV out can do so … arrange a small rental fee for wear n tear… damage or modding it, then considered **sold ** to you for £2K + expenses for recovery & any tickets :stuck_out_tongue:

Times are tuff £££

or I could lend any sewing machine (SV) riders me moped FZR600, to try a real bike out for once in their life :D:D:P:P:P

im working but if i finish early enuff will come down to the stunt spot :cool:

Might be interested, not done one of these for a while.

Good weather, great company … count me in :smiley:

Should be able to make this now. I was going to go Fishing but can’t find my maggots. Not sure whether to go IL4 with the old c~nts, or with teh V Twin Massive yout kneedown possie :slight_smile:

bring the Vee…it wont be long before your all pipe and slippers and riding a Pan:D then you can sell the SD to me;):w00t: