Route #32 Friday 2nd June

The Friday night Route rides are starting :slight_smile:

friday 1st :smiley:

Rideout Leaving the Ace bout 7.30pm, probably involve bout 100 miles ish

Come fueled up as we wont wait

May involve a bit of motorway

Probably finish the night off at a St*nt spot

This is not a post to tell us why you cant make it

Its not a Race, its a rideout

If you think you need to mark every corner, undertake or dont give a f*ck about your fellow riders safety…This is not a ride for you :wink:

This is not a LB sponsored rideout in any way, its purely just people getting together for the ride, if you have any spills or get any tickets then its your own fault, not mine or LB’s.

Who’s up for it ?


COUNT ME IN :smiley:

Wait…the first friday night route of the year and its 32?

Have you gone fuucking insane Terry?:crazy:


Wtf? Four weeks in advance? Who the hell knows what they’ll be doing four weeks from now?

See you on the ride-out, I’ll be the one with the big grin (can’t stop smiling since passing my DAS and buying a new bike).

well if my stunt bike is all legal and running i am in :slight_smile:

but i dont know what my range will be with a dented tank :w00t:

Dont you mean Friday 1st June you tard!!

Text me nearer time Dad

Jumpsuits at the ready

yep f*cckk up the date, should never have done the post on my fone…its friday the 1st.

thanks motopup for swollowing a calander

Terry… Did my DAS with GB’s, Max gave me the heads up on this Rideout, have not done one yet so I’m coming:smooooth:



Terry, when you phoned on Friday I couldn’t pick up, I was in a meeting when the funny vibrating started in my pocket… The directors gave me a funny look so I just smirked back :w00t:

Marks told me about you sitting on phones Ang…

Do your puppys wobble aswel gifted?:smiley:

I’m in :wink:

cool Nev, i remember you. be good to see ya again :cool:

Old fart can because it’s him.

You might wanna search previous threads about Friday night rides before going.

Night before my hols , be rude not too ! :smiley:

Well if your going then I’m def going:kiss:

I could be tempted :wink:

I’ve seen the guy (he works at the place I rented the Varadero from a while back), he’s definitely old, even by my standards and I’m older than most of you :-|Hrm, will search, but how bad can it be? No-one’s going to make me ride faster than I’m capable of doing :stuck_out_tongue:

be rude not to come along, will see if i can go drag mel and lewis along, [ just to prove if he does ride this new bike]

It’s you I’m more concerned about… do you still ride? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in…weather permitting.

A Terry-Moto Friday night rideout was my first one ever…3 days after passing my test :smiley: