Route #22 (or more commonly called "Ouch me nads hurt")

Rideout Route #22

Leaving the Ace at 8pm, (for all you whingers that say 7.30 is to early ) probably involve bout 100 miles ish

Come fueled up or fuel up where ever you fecking please, just play catch up

No motorways involved

May involve a few roundabouts (Hey Martin)

Probably finish the night off at a St*nt spot

Feel free to tell us why you cant make it

Its not a Race, its a rideout

Who’s up for it ?

No V-twins, SV massive members or any other boring feckers welcome If you aint funny then feck orf :wink:

This is not a LB sponsored rideout in any way, so dont expect to see any of the owners, moderaters or hosts on it, there to boring its purely just people getting together for the ride, if you have any spills or get any tickets then its your own fault, not mine or LB’s. And its not a Stunt free zone so wheelieing is encouraged

I’m in, will need a ride by then, got cabin fever and it’s only Tuesday lunchtime.

Should be up for this. :slight_smile:

Sorry missed last week, but had a better offer. :wink:

Should be about for this :slight_smile:

last week was route #1 :stuck_out_tongue:

count me in for this one :slight_smile:

You coming along with your new pink 675 and lid? :stuck_out_tongue:

getting painted it in kwak green now :stuck_out_tongue:

You know it makes sense Rodney :stuck_out_tongue:

I was thinking of having a night in at the ace drinking tea and eating cake.

me too, i`ll be fecked at the end of the week…:wink:

not experienced a friday night ride might get down the ace early enough for once and join in the fun

Thanks for pointing that out. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

That was last week mate, oh do try and keep up;)

yeah managed to get green one aswell :D:D



Yep, count me in.

errr… I seem to have overlooked the bleedin’ obvious… well, have a good time without me. Doh!

Is it St Patrick’s Day already? :slight_smile:

Meh, 20:00 BST is in the middle of the night now. The season of pipe and slippers is upon us.

oh i am sooooooooo coming to this one!!:slight_smile:

come on mate we wanna hear that race can again!!:stuck_out_tongue:

its a nice can and for £20 cant grummble