Route #138


Route #138 is the best route I’ve ever been on :wink:

Leaving the Ace bout 8pm, (for all you whingers that say 7.30 is to early :D) probably involve bout 100 miles ish

Come fueled up or fuel up where ever you fecking please, just play catch up

No motorways involved

Probably finish the night off at a St*nt spot

Feel free to tell us why you cant make it

Its not a Race, its a rideout

Who’s up for it ?

This is not a LB sponsored rideout in any way, so dont expect to see any of the owners, moderaters or hosts on it, there to boring :D:) its purely just people getting together for the ride, if you have any spills or get any tickets then its your own fault, not mine or LB’s. And its not a Stunt free zone so wheelieing is encouraged :hehe:

Up for it this week:)

up for this,:slight_smile:


I finish work in a timely manner

The front tyre is still intact and usable

The starter doesn’t pack up

It isn’t peeing down

…then it’s the last hurrah for that tyre and the tired old Putoline 10W40 before a 6000 mile service yeeeeehah :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

As longs as its not pi$$ing down I’ll be there :w00t: :smiley:

Me, me, me! Pick me!
Might even be bringing a friend :wink:

will be good to see ya :slight_smile:

I MIGHT be up for this, dependant on WLY finishing the bike :w00t: They’re “trying” to get it ready for Friday, didn’t ask what friday though :w00t:

Who’s this Ben bloke?

Will be there if the weather is ok.

I’m only coming coz i saw you’ve put your name down Jason :wink:


It’s the second round of the ZX6 -v- old hippie naked blade 900 championship :smiley: 1st round was a draw :cool:

Agreed, it’s been way too long Benny Boy

Be nice to see ya mate, dont think I’ve seen ya since I kicked your ass at bowling :slight_smile:


You started off 10 feet ahead and you were still about 10 feet ahead at the bottom of the hill 100mph later, I thought it was a draw :cool:

It certainly has Lusty, looking forward to seeing everyone! :kiss:

well after speaking to chunky today about the 3 day rule, things are not looking good for friday and as i am gonna be selling my bike soon i dont wanna get it wet. [ sorry it was the best i could come up with ]