Route #01

I must have missed that, didn’t see Westie squirt his creamy stuff over Tug!!! :w00t:

i say Miss Deborah your in for a knee squeezing when i see you…:w00t::smiley:

Actually Westie, I wouldn’t be so smug about that :smiley: Didn’t you notice your helmet rather sticky, I’d smell inside too if I were you LOLOLOL :w00t:

His helmet may well be sticky Ang but I’ll bet he can’t get his nose that close to it :w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

Smug i may be! hehe but i licked all the sticky dew off, slarty helped me too…:hehe:

It wasn’t dew Westie, there was another jug of milk which came with the ‘late’ coffee that wasn’t needed, the spare milk happened to spill over and maybe in, your helmet.

I know nothing though :Whistling: :laugh:

Steve… LOLOL :wink:

westie can ya get me a coffee n large slice of cake mate, bring it down to oxford circus as im gonna be working cheers :smiley:

and whats that all about ? its not near oxford and I cant find the fuggin circus :smiley:

I owe you one :wink:

See Ya’ll tonight!!

right, change of plan, ive got to go to see a mate for her birthday first, then i`ll be out later! ill ring one of you later on, x

ill be out tonight on my new toy :D:D:D

oH ARENT WE THE COMEDIAN?!:stuck_out_tongue: Are you gonna be standing on the corner in your flasher mac again love?!:smiley:

Not if we see you first :smiley:

Cant make this Rick, were going on a rideout. If you do route #1 again in the winter, I’ll be up for it :smiley:

Feck off our post! This isnt a thread to say why you can’t come :stuck_out_tongue:

Cant make this either, going on the same rideout :smiley:

Cake ? 1 slice or 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this rideout for the ‘Council Estate Massive’ members only? ;)PS Terry what number can I be? :smiley:

Wait for me lads I’m coming too. Cake will probably be all gone by the time i get there;)

sorry cant make this,i can sit at home and havea cup a tea,going on a ride out with me massive:)dont let that debz near that cake :wink: