Route #01

Friday 15th August

This route involves absolutely no miles whatsoever and not getting soaked through, it does involve sitting around and drinking tea/coffee and eating cakes :wink:

Who’s in???

Did somebody mention CAKE ???

Funny you should say that Ricky, we had already planned to stay at the Ace Friday night…no bikes and a good chin wag (that way some can have a drink and not have to drive) :slight_smile:

Cake…tea…chin wag…I’m in :smiley:

When this ricky im off from friday and will have my bike saturday:D

It’s Friday mate, edited to say so:P

thats a shame i pick my bike up saturday:crying:

Sounds like a good idea. :smiley:

The forecast is looking good for Friday. :Whistling:

I reckon you must have been a fly on our wall last night ;)See you Friday :cool:

This is one night i will actually be able to keep up :smiley:

Great minds think alike, apparently :wink:

Is this for real? Your breaking the tradition… no rideout on friday? Isnt that illegal or something? :stuck_out_tongue:

There goes the highlight of my week :crying:

I might come on the beast then, give it its monthly ride out :frowning:

No rideout on a friday . . . never thought I’d see that, things must be bad :w00t:

oh sounds fab, i`ll be there with nobs on…:stuck_out_tongue:

Please leave them at home Westie, we have enough knobs to put up with :smiley:

lol :smiley: Aint that the truth :wink:

poor tug and will…:P:w00t:

Tug is gonna get ya for that :stuck_out_tongue:

ha ha, i did laff when i accidently slip with the milk on monday eve…:smiley:

Westie - Was that milk? Thought it was something from ‘Donkey C0ck 3’ :smiley: