Rounded Screen Screw

Hi all,

Hoping somebody can help me with this, tried to remove the screen at the weekend and one of the screws the head on it was just a circle, so I couldn’t put an allen key in to remove it, as it just spun, besides drilling it out is there an easier method of removing it?



Use a centre punch to knock it round?

I’ve seen people use a centre punch to force the edges of the hexagon back out to reform the allen key hole (if that makes any sense at all) but it probably depends how knackered the bolt is to begin with.

Carefully cut a slot then use a screwdriver, assuming you can’t jam a torx bit in. Bashing anything is an easy way to crack plastics.

Well at the moment, it’s a complete circle, so I guess I would need to punch a whole hexagon shape into it, from removing the others though, I can tell they are cheap bolts as they were really really soft and I felt like I was digging into them just trying to remove them, so they will be replaced once I can get the things removed.

If I’m right with a centre punch (never used one before) I assume I get a hexagon shaped one, line it up over the hole and smash it home?


Try getting a pair of grips or pliers around it?

Failing that, use some epoxy to glue something to the head of the screw and then grip that and turn it.

Or access the other side of the screw to see if you can turn what it screws into.

Whatever you do, don’t put the screw back in afterwards! :w00t:

To be fair, I’d carefully cut across the bolt head so you can use a normal ‘flat headed’ screwdriver on it. However, before you do I’d actually buy new bolts and just replace them anyway. That way if you do have to drill it out you just disgard the old bolts.

Conrad it’s got a stupid round head on it so couldn’t get any grips on it :frowning: and I can’t access the other side either as it’s the lowest one behind the dials :frowning:

I will try the glue and cutting across the head and use a flat screwdriver, given the strength of this bolt, I imagine I will be able to cut into it with a sharepened pencil :frowning:

If non of those work you might want to try removing the infills/inserts and undoing them from the inside. I know the rubber nuts go through the screen, so doing it by hand is a no no, but a set of pliers will turn it from impossible to a struggle.

so its an allen screw? get a philips screwdriver and tap it gentley with a hammer on the rounded bit, if your lucky it will make some indents with the + and you may be able to unscrew.

Being as its on a fairing it’s going to be difficult hitting a punch / screwdriver as the fairing will “give” so I would either Dremmel or hacksaw a slot across the top of the mushroom head and use a flat blade screwdriver.

Lesson to be learned… Don’t use cheap allen keys, invest in a decent set and hopefully prevent this happening again

Or remove the screen first then melt it off with a blowtorch.