Rough estimate of value - 06 CBR600RR, not without its faults?

Hi, I’m thinking of upgrading my bike to a slightly newer thou and wanted opinions on fair value of my 2006 Honda CBR600RR.

Mechanically it’s sound as I have a trusted mechanic who’s looked after it the last 3 years.

However I made a mistake when buying the bike from a dealer in Manchester 3 years ago. It was HPI clear but when I got the MOT history, the mileage reads:
Feb 09 - 5337
Mar 10 - 11176
Apr 11 - 13711
Mar 12 - 8241
May 13 - 8243 (roughly when I bought it)
May 14 - 8674
Apr 15 - 9316

Its got about 11k on it now. I didn’t bother chasing the dealer about this and just decided to live and learn (HPI checks are useless for mileage and I should check MOT history). Also didn’t want the hassle of organising bike transport, email exchanges, etc when the bike looked to be in good nick and felt fine to ride (I have owned the same model bike before).

With the mileage discrepancy, at best I assume the odometer was swapped over and then it sat un-ridden for a year. At worst, it was in a prang, the odometer swapped and then it took a year to fix and put back on the road.

I’ve assumed either way that the mileage is most likely the sum of current mileage + 13. It’s been serviced with that in mind.

It’s got scratches on the rear fairing where I dropped it stationary at a service station. The side crash protectors saved the side fairing.

It’s a silver and black model with R&G side crash protectors and R&G bar ends. It’s also got the Techspec Snake skin tank grips.

Apart from that, it’s completely stock.

I’ve got 2 keys and the service book is filled in (though I suspect some pages have been ripped out by the dealer above the mileage I bought it at).

New set of PR4s on them. It’s parked outside so the black plastics are ‘weathered’.

I think a good example is priced around 4k on Autotrader, so what would the fair value of mine be, given the faults?

Thanks, Shaun

It may be that at around 14,000 miles for whatever reason the speedometer was swapped out for a second hand unit reading around 8,000 miles or, a new unit reading 0 miles. Are there any clues in the service history? At worst you have have a bike with an unknown service history and an unknown mileage, not good news when it comes to market value.

The real question is what are 2006 Honda CBR600RR’s fetching regardless of service history and mileage?

There’s a private sale of what appears to be a mint two owner genuine 16,000 miler with full service history on Autotrader/bikes. Reason for sale he’s just got himself a CBR 1000RR!

Assuming the above will sell at that it probably makes yours worth something less than £3,000 ;-(

What did you pay for it 4 years back?

It is the 2 miles done in a year that makes me question why it was off the road. There is nothing in the service history book after 8k.

I’m the 4th owner and only paid £3.5k for it 3 years ago so less than £3k is OK for me. I was thinking realistically £2.5k wouldn’t be too bad a price for buyer, given the risk of only recent service history and assumed mileage of 24k.

There’s always the possibility that the MOT station just cocked it up. I’ve had a
bike that had two wrong mileages listed that was obviously human error…

Put it on at £3,000 ONO add something like first to see will buy, or if you want it to fly off the shelf put it on for £2,750.00.

Thanks for the advice… Just need to decide on the thou!

When advertising it state the mileage as 24,000, when they see the 10,000 on the speedometer they may not even query it. If they do simple explain a previous owner had the speedometer replaced at 14,000.

There's always the possibility that the MOT station just cocked it up. I've had a bike that had two wrong mileages listed that was obviously human error.. yourebarred
and the missing pages from the service history?

I sold an 03 plate one for 2250 in October had people biting my hand of for it and that had 36,000 miles on it ,reckon it will sell quick at anything between 2500-3000,could probably get a little bit more if not looking for a quick sale…so many bikes way overpriced on autotrader it makes it easy to sell your bike if not being greedy with the price. many bikes way overpriced on autotrade.... commuter-boy

 Except when the Insurance Loss Adjusters use Autotrader to value a total loss.

Asking prices are what the market will haggle over, sold prices are what the market will bear and therefore a truer  market value. If only Autotrader had a ‘recently sold’ filter?

When looking at prices on Autotrader filter out all the Chancers by filtering on ‘Private Adverts’ only and setting the minimum price from at a realistic level.

That sounds promising… Only losing about 1k in 3 years and bought it from a dealer. I’d be happy with that. Trying to decide if the '10 R1 is the next one for me :slight_smile:

@ShaunC - I’m in the market for a CBR600RR! Could take this off your hands? 

Thanks for the interest JAX, I’ve got a few rides I’ve committed to this weekend and then I’m away until 20th this month. If you are still in the market then, you can come have a look? Either way, I won’t do anything before offering it to you to view first.

Think I’ll take the plunge into a R1 before summer is up. Spotted this one that is taking my fancy…

If jax doesn’t by I also may be interested in this bike will do for my track bike this year,I’m not back in the country till near end of the month,keep me updated on any developements…thanks

You know you can pick up bmw s1000rr for same price as that r1😊

No I didn’t! Hmm interesting… Back to the drawing board. It looks like there aren’t many BMWs around that price range though.

Think there was 2 2012 models at that price yesterday it seems to be the starting price for 2012 models,don’t forget it’s easy to haggle at least 500 quid off the listed prices.

Thanks for the interest JAX, I've got a few rides I've committed to this weekend and then I'm away until 20th this month. If you are still in the market then, you can come have a look? Either way, I won't do anything before offering it to you to view first. ShaunC
Sure thing, have you got any photos of it? I'll most likely still be in the market then - waiting for license to come back from DVLA