Rotty Love

just came across a vid i havent seen in awhile…kinda touching if you own a rotty or a dog that is supposed to be ‘‘dangorus’’ when its quite clearly not.

i love my rott Boe…shes one of my familly and i will defend her to the death…like she would me…

Here’s my ‘devil’ dog Bella, I won by the way (not).

I’ve seen this one before, I love Rotti’s, grown up around them.

Yours is a big ole softie Tiggi, gorgeous Rottie

Love em. I so miss having a good friend thats happy to see me when I come home.

its not the dogs that are dangerous its the way they are treated.

driving around london you see many different types of dogs and different types of dog owners. some of them you`d think twice about letting them have a dog.

shane your bo is just a big softy she`s sooo cute. i never had a dog wen i was growing up:crying:

good find smiled

our rotty is harmless, he’s 12 nearly 13, but is a pup still at heart.
all he ever wants to do is play.

just goes to show it’s how they are raised, blame the owners