Rotting bar grips.

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed, in the recent spell of hot weather my grips are disintigrating. Thinking it may be down to perspiration, I eat a lot of garlic could this have an effect on the rubber? Whilst on the subject, who in your opinion is the prime candidate for the LB gyping out award? Some of our membership talk big but don`t come up with the goods:) Who would you nominate?

Could it be the cream I use for my severe skin condition, I sometimes start the beast before donning my gloves?

Pompey Tim springs to mind:D

Depiliatory cream could be the culprit.


Hope there is someone who can cast some light on the subject.

Man flu, whats that all about?

Yours in hope Jetstream (Mr & Mrs)

You’re bonkers mate! But I’m still sat here laughing my head of at your randomness! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:
It’s like having our very own Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer! :smiley: Wouldn’t change you for the world mate! :wink:

Thanks for the compliment at the end RR, but this is a serious problem and we were hoping it would elicit helpful replies:ermm:

I’m sure a nice helpfull couple started an agony column thread on here a little while ago, maybe they could help you .

That rotten pair posted the idea then sodded off on holiday, what a pair of losers they are:)