Rossi v Stoner

How will the season pan out?

Rossi must win!!!

unfortunately for all us race fans out there stoner is gonna whip everyone in a similar fashion to last year…and maybe by an even bigger margin.

Agreed… I believe Yamaha have committed suicide by splitting the team in two by having two different makes of tyre in the same team. There will be no flow of information over the fence so effectively Rossi is out on his own:pinch:

Where’s the option for Milandri gets sacked after 1st race, KR Jnr takes his Ducati ride and smokes the lot of them?;):smiley:

from the voting above, still looks like we are all dreaming of a rossi fightback ;)but i wouldnt hold my breath, stoner is head and shoulders above the rest during testing, melandri is proving that stoner is the real deal so far as well

lets hope the racing is good between the lower positions (if the TV let us see any of that action)

and dreaming they are. how can people vote for rossi winning anything when he’s stitched himself a treat as chunks says.

I like melandri but he needs to pull his finger out now. He got the ride everyone wanted and is now riding like a big girls blouse. Man up or let KR take his place. The youngen stoner would have to work harder then!

As much as i luv Rossi stoner has got a better bike

have started to have mucho respect for hayden over the past 18mths

being a rossi fan i was always really against him from when he came into the Honda team, but he has shown himself to be a true professional and probably the best advert for the sport at the moment

dont get me started on Pedrosa, great talent but that on its own does not a true man make

dunno what it is about stoner but i just dont like him. i’m even a massive ducati fan

hope rossi manages to bridge the gap somehow, but dont really believe its gonna happen at the moment.

to be fair, stoner has been very lucky with his crashes too…so far…

Good poll! I have faith in Rossi!

You’re all forgetting one person…JT is quicker than Rossi at the moment - let’s have a brit up there fighting it out!!

Stoner for the title:blush:

I was a fan of Stoner when he first hit MotoGP on the Honda…not so much now. Seems a bit too far up his own arse.

I LOVED Rossi back in the day…but Yamaha has sent him down the river…sat on their laurels with motor development and now he’s got nothing under him to fight with.

I’m going to pull for Dovioso this year…I loved watching him in the 250 races.

Oh yeah…I’m going to put the voodoo hex on that little **** Lorenzo too…he’s damn near as obnoxious as that other Spanish runt…and that’s not an easy thing to do.

If I’m honest i don’t care who wins the championship as long as the racing is entertaining and close:cool:

Couldn’t agree more Chunky you’ve hit the nail on the head!!!

I see Stoner winning it from Dovi - i think you’ll see him take over as the number 1 rider at HRC in years to come or he’ll be on a Ducati alongside Stoner if Melandri doesn’t gel which he doesn’t seem to be.

Rossi is gonna win races but thats it imo. Toseland - top 5 :cool:

bump, come on people, 113 views and only 15 votes! :slight_smile:

damn i’m excited, free practice on eurosport this eve

Toesland has really impressed thus far. I hope he can get at least one win this year :smiley:

I think Rossi has a big mountain to climb this weekend as he seems the slowest of all FOUR yamaha’s out there ATM:w00t:

well here we go, expect rossi to qualify mid pack and pull some great stuff out in the race to get a top four…

…but heres hoping he surprises us (as he frequently does)

if toseland qualifies on first two rows i will down three pints in immediate succession to celebrate in the correct fashion


:D:P <hick> :P:D:what an amazing performance from Toseland, quality stuff

i know he has the advantage of michelin but to be second, wow!!!as expected rossi is mid-pack, expect him to make up for the bridgestone probs under these conditions/track with a good race performance but as the track gets colder, will he be able to hang on for a top 3/4 finish??its going to be great funand oh crap the amazingly talented lorenzo is pole, hes like biaggi, brilliant but an annying pr!ck :wink: